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How to make optimum use of GMAT study books

How can a GMAT book be helpful for you?

In the course of preparing for the GMAT, buying GMAT study books is the primary requisite. Your first step starts from buying the right books for your preparation. These books have exhaustive study materials in them to make your preparation a lot smoother. You need to choose the right GMAT study books among the many available in the market. Now this task can become time consuming and if you choose the wrong books, you might be in trouble. You will now have less time to recover from the time lost in following the wrong books. Therefore, in order to save your precious time, go through the list of assorted books, discussed in this article, for the optimum benefit of your GMAT preparation.

What are the GMAT preparation books?

Most of the GMAT preparation books will boast to be the best and perfect books for GMAT preparation. However, their claims fall short when it comes to their contents and practice papers for the sections of the GMAT. It is at this context, that the GMAT study books need to be credible in their assertion and promise to aid you in your preparation. Following are the names of few GMAT study books that have in it all the right ingredients to strengthen your preparation and fortify your chances of success.

The GMAT Official Guide 12:

Considered the ‘Bible’ of all the GMAT study books, the Official Guide is the publication issued by the inventors of GMAT. That is right. The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) publish this edition. They publish this edition to acquaint the test-takers with the exact test structure and more than 800 real GMAT questions from the previous year. Together with these, you will have a 100-questions diagnostic test to judge your skill level, 230 problem-solving question, 174 data sufficiency questions, more than 100 reading-comprehension questions and critical reasoning questions and about 150 sentence correction questions inside the book. All these questions are placed according to the level of difficulty in each of the sections of GMAT. The book is available at a cost of $21.84 in paperback.

Cracking the GMAT:

This edition is published by the Princeton Review committee and is known to be a favorite among the GMAT study books. It has several advantages on its own. You will get to know the different methods and strategies that you can readily employ to combat the GMAT questions and be able to save much of your time during the exam. The technique of elimination, given in this edition, helps you to avoid the ‘decoy’ answers that the GMAC designs for you to prompt incorrect answers. Moreover, you can have access to 4 full length test papers together with a DVD pack containing video tutorials and expert advices from GMAT tutors of Princeton Review. Cracking the GMAT comes at a reasonable price of $20.72 in paperback.

Kaplan GMAT 2012 with CD-ROM:

The Kaplan prep book for the GMAT comes loaded with all the updated test structure of the new GMAT test and it is mostly preferred by the GMAT test takers. The Kaplan GMAT study books include the new Integrated Section, which is introduced in GMAT recently. The main contention about its fame is its interactive CD-ROM that offers you in-depth test questions and diagnosis tools. The Kaplan GMAT 2012 also contains tricks and techniques to best approach the GMAT questions and provide ample practice tests to make you perceptive about the GMAT test. Records show that those test takers, who studied the Kaplan course book had better placements than the others. Kaplan GMAT 2012 is available at $23.63.

Barron’s GMAT:

This edition discusses the new computer adaptive test details in depth and includes all the updated information about the new integrated reasoning section introduced in the GMAT. It has practice test software, which uses the same scoring mechanism as the GMAT. It provides you practice papers for all the sections of the GMAT and includes enough ‘retired’ questions of the actual GMAT test.

Selecting your books for GMAT is a tough job. Especially you can never be sure which book would best suit your needs for the preparation. However, it is recommended that you make a detailed research about the books before buying them. Ask your peers who took the GMAT about their prep books, ask your friends about the books they follow for GMAT or simply read reviews about the books on the net.

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