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Many students are confused about how to study for GMAT CAT. The study for GMAT paper based exam and for GMAT CAT is undertaken in a different manner. How to study for GMAT CAT? This can be a tough question to answer. You should study on computer, as GMAT is a Computer Adaptive Test i.e. CAT. By reading and typing sample essays of the previous topic on computer your GMAT study shall help you learn how to attempt the test on a computer. This will make you comfortable with the mouse and key board. Therefore, while studying essays it is advisable to type essays, as this will help you in increasing your speed and you will learn through your GMAT study how to gather thoughts and express your views with strong reasoning in a systematic manner. Computer adaptive test will keep displaying questions according to your level of answer. This means if you have attempted any question wrongly then the next question will be comparatively easy. Seeing your level of answer computer adaptive test will gradually lead you to difficult question. You cannot change the answer if once chosen so before clicking for the next question be sure of the previous one. Your GMAT study should focus on how to tackle such a test. GMAT quantitative section requires many calculations. Try to do the easiest calculation mentally and for the difficult calculation use paper- pen.


Lastly, it is very important to know how to keep your balance while you undertake GMAT study. Remember that GMAT is a test of your basics overall skills and not testing of a particular subject, you still need to put in effort. Being confident while attempting GMAT will help you in solving questions carefully but in the same way over confidence leads to spoiling your performance. If you find yourself answer less in the test do not lose hope just be little calculative and apply the method of elimination.

Plan an efficient GMAT study schedule, stick to it, and do not let others distract you from your goals. Plan an incentive in between your study or for successfully completing a task such as calling a friend, a walk, or a food treat just to freshen up and giving rest to your brain. Switch off your mobile while studying. You have to sacrifice something for GMAT study.

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