GMAT Software

Your Ultimate Guide to GMAT Prep Software

There are many online resources available to help you prepare for the exam, especially because it simulates the actual test. Ever since the GMAT assumed the computer adaptive test (CAT) format, the popularity of prep software has soared.

As a result, companies creating prep software have constantly developed their courses to cater to aspirants in a personalized manner. Because not every individual is at the same level of preparedness, companies now focus on tailoring their courses for individual requirements. This helps you to focus on your weak areas or topics and work your way to advanced stages of preparation. The market for GMAT preparatory software is flooded, which can be perplexing, especially if you are a beginner. This article reviews the following popular ones available:

  1. GMAT Quant
  2. Kaplan
  3. Knewton
  5. Educational Software Technologies

GMAT Quant

This software includes Data Sufficiency and Problem Solving sections only. Because it includes scoring and explanations, it helps you to understand your mistakes and avoid them later. The software is especially useful if you want to focus only on the quantitative section. The scores and explanations are revealed immediately so that you avoid making the same mistakes. This software can be downloaded from the following website:


Kaplan is the oldest player amongst the current breed of available software and reaches out to a global audience. It offers comprehensive personalized programs through its online courses as well as traditional classroom tutorials. Because of its partnership with Pearson VUE, Kaplan allows its students to appear for a practice test in the same room where they will appear for the actual test. This significantly helps the student to dispel any fear by making the surroundings familiar. Kaplan also provides live feedback to its students after they appear for the practice exam. Kaplan allows you a refund in case you do not reach your expected score. The Kaplan CD is available with its book. For more information, see the Kaplan website:


Knewton focuses more on online courses than on providing computer software. Knewton is technologically advanced; it allows you to access its courses anywhere. You can use these courses and supplement it with your other materials to adapt to your requirements. The courses are popular because of the accessibility and because Knewton is a less expensive option for students looking for study materials. For more information, see the Knewton website:

This site includes a software that is free for download. The software includes practice questions, full-length CAT tests, and provides accurate scores and reviews. It focuses on each type of question and provides answers with explanations. Because the software provides you with accurate scores, you can determine how well prepared you are to take the actual test. You can access the software from

Educational Software Technologies

The following website:, includes computer-based products, a sample test and a computer adaptive test that include practice tests resembling the actual test format. In addition to the study material, the software also includes information on how to time yourself during the exam, about scoring well, and assessing yourself. The product is reasonable for its price and seems to cover all aspects of the exam.

Other Options

Other available options are Arco's Master the GMAT CAT With CD. The Arco guide book comes with an interactive CD that simulates the test. The Princeton Review’s Cracking the GMAT With CD also includes computer adaptive tests that give you a feel of the real test. There are abundant resources available to help you in your preparation for the exam. However, you must use your discretion to select the right software that will allow you to take practice tests that resemble the actual test and provide you with explanations, when needed.