Essential Features Of Some Schools And The GMAT Scores Required

What GMAT Scores do B-Schools Prefer?

How GMAT is linked with B-Schools?

In today's scenario, almost every student aspires to be an MBA which results in piling up of application forms in B-schools’ offices. Thus, it seems too difficult to sort out the best ones and reject the rest of the applications. GMAT is one of the viable solutions for B-schools to choose students on the basis of their academic performance, leadership ability, individual characteristics, and quality to seek the best performance. These colleges choose students who fit in with their criteria for admissions. In short, the test aids B-schools in selecting students who are capable of pursuing Business Management studies effectively. Aspirants have to select up to 5 business schools where their official score reports would be sent within 20 days from the exam date.

Various renowned colleges across the world accept the test scores. Some of them are as follows:

Stanford University is one amongst the topmost B-schools that offer MBA programs. One has to keep in mind that there are no minimum scores defined by the University for taking admission into its MBA program. Stanford evaluates applicants on the basis of their academic accomplishments, experiences, background (socio-economic, cultural, professional and educational), the education system of their colleges, values and potential to fit in with the Stanford Management program, and these are well represented by one’s scores. An applicant has to submit an online application form along with their scores. Scores are also sent directly to the Stanford University by the testing agency where one has taken the test. The application fee for an MBA program is US$265 (non-refundable).
Application is to be submitted online ( ).To avail more information about admissions to an MBA program through scores one can log on to the following website:

Harvard Business School is one of the topmost colleges in the United States. The application fee for an MBA program is US$225. It accepts applicants with a wide range of test scores. There are no minimum criteria defined for the acceptance of test scores. Harvard seeks applicants with excellent academic performance along with leadership qualities and individual potential to achieve the best, and these qualities are well measured through the exam. One can avail more information, by clicking on the following link:

Johnson Cornell University provides a two year full time MBA program. It was set up in the year 1946. Cornell does not have any minimum criteria for selecting students on the basis of their scores. Its recent class of MBA students has test scores lying in the range of mid 600s and mid 700s. ( The application fee for an MBA program is US$200. GMAT scores are very important for admission to the Cornell MBA program. The scores help in evaluating and selecting suitable Cornell’s MBA students from a number of admission seekers. Results are one of the best representatives to judge an applicant’s leadership ability, decision making ability, reasoning ability, etc. One has to submit one’s scores along with the online application form. To get more information one can log on to the website

University of Pittsburgh provides an international business administration program of two years (full time MBA program) along with one year and part time MBA program. This b-school accepts a minimum score of 600 for its one year MBA program. However, if an applicant has a strong academic background then scores lower than 600 are also accepted. Besides, for the full-time two year MBA program there are no minimum criteria defined. The University accepts wide range of test scores ( The scores are considered to be important criterion which symbolize one’s intellectual ability, leadership quality, business aptitude and ability to do quantitative analysis. The application fee for an MBA program is US$50. Application is to be submitted online at


Simply preparing for the test isn’t enough. If an aspirant is not able to locate a list of the best colleges where one can apply for admissions, one definitely finds oneself in thick soup. This is on no account less tiring than selecting the best test prep courses for preparation of the exam. One has to browse several websites to acquire a list of the best colleges, and the scores they accept. Then only can one plan to take the test. Hence, this article will certainly help one to know about the scores that some of the best B-schools accept and accordingly guide one to prepare for the exam.