GMAT Review Courses

How Can GMAT Review Courses Help You Score High?

To be successful in any competitive examination you definitely need to have predefined schedule and methodology. Although you can achieve this by preparing on your own, it is not always easy to maintain the tempo after a while. GMAT is no exception to this rule, especially because GMAT preparation needs a whole new level of strategies which only an expert/tutor can give you. There are many different GMAT review courses available in the market, all with something or the other to boast about. The question is how do you make a choice?

This choice has always baffled aspirants. To give you a more clear opinion on which institutes offer what, here is a overview of few of the best GMAT review courses available-

Princeton Review®:

It is having one of the best GMAT review courses around and it is preferred by a majority of students. This institute essentially offers 6 preparation options to the students-

  • Private tutoring- The most flexible option where you can select your own tutor from their panel and decide on the timings according to your convenience.
  • Small group instruction- This consists of 4 students per batch and therefore you get a lot of individual attention. This program is useful for people who would like to have some company while preparing and at the same time work seriously.
  • GMAT classroom course- This is the most extensive course available from the institute and it deals with all sections and aspects of GMAT in great detail over a period of time.
  • GMAT live online- This is for those of you who would like to prepare according to your own pace and also have some interaction with tutors in small groups. It is connected with the small group instruction program to facilitate better interaction.
  • Online GMAT course- Unlike the live program, in this one you won’t be getting any tutors. You will however get materials and tutorials along with a lot of practice exams.
  • GMAT books- For those who would like to prepare completely on their own, it provides a variety of books that you can download from their site

Purely from statistics and the results that they have been able to produce, you can be sure that they provide the best instructors and an amazing environment. To get some more idea about the institute you can visit the link given above or read feedback on it from various forums.

Kaplan Test Prep:

Kaplan is another giant in the GMAT field but unlike the Princeton review, it doesn’t offer such a variety of courses. The courses that they offer are as follows-

  • GMAT on demand- This is an online video course available 24/7 on their site and you can register for it as and when you need it.
  • GMAT classroom anywhere- An online classroom program that offers live tutorials anytime based on a predefined schedule.
  • GMAT classroom onsite- A regular classroom program at a particular location.
  • GMAT one on one- You can hire an expert tutor from the institute and he/she will instruct you as in the classroom program.

The online courses at Kaplan are considered to be better than the classroom programs, however it also depends on your tutor. You can take the GMAT review courses as many times as you want by just paying once and the delivery of the books is free. The customer service is excellent here and you get a lot of help from the management too. For more details visit the site

Manhattan Review®:

Another institute that provides comprehensive GMAT review courses both online and in person. The programs offered by Manhattan review® are essentially the same as Kaplan. The main courses being-

  • Interactive online GMAT- Provides an online tutor and a lot of materials to prepare at your own pace.
  • In-person GMAT- This is similar to a classroom program.

These GMAT review courses are offered on both long term and short term basis. Apart from these they regularly organize workshops and seminars in which eminent personalities from the business world as well as the best trainers from the institute speak. You can get further information and student reviews on their official site

Veritas Prep:

Although Veritas isn’t in the same league as the institutes reviewed above, it still offers some decent GMAT review courses. These courses are as follows-

  • In-person/Live online- You are assigned to a tutor and you can choose to interact online or in-person in a small group. The quality of tutoring is good and very interactive.
  • One on One tutoring- You are free to choose your tutor and it comes inclusive with hundreds of online exam and a lot of practice material.
  • Free resources- This is a unique feature at Veritas, which offers downloadable applications on their site . These include business related applications, mock tests, forums, deadlines etc. Overall Veritas offers an attractive package. Check out the site given above for more details if you are interested.

For the availability and pricing of these courses in your area, visit the sites of these institutes.

Some of you may feel that going for GMAT review courses isn’t that important and you are better off preparing on your own, but this is a misconception. You should definitely attend it if you want to score high in GMAT even if it costs you a bit more. All the best!!

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