GMAT Review Course

Which GMAT Review Course Should you Prefer

What are GMAT prep courses?

GMAT prep courses are the best way to keep a high score in the GMAT test. The GMAT courses help you to prepare for the GMAT exam in a more efficient manner. These GMAT prep courses have been modified and designed to facilitate you with the best study materials and aid you in your pathway for GMAT prep. When we attempt to discuss about GMAT review course, certain good qualities always crops up from it. Most of the prep courses have prep centers strewn all over the world. They have an exhaustive study prep material. They have classroom courses at certain time slots. You can get into any one of these slots, suitable to your schedule. However, some of them come at a higher price compared to the others, but the GMAT review courses are worth the deal. Let us now discuss few of the GMAT prep courses and review their importance in the process of your preparation.

Veritas New York GMAT prep course:

The GMAT review course of the Veritas New York GMAT prep course has extensive study preparation materials when it comes to real time GMAT prep. The prep course has more than 90 centers all around the world juxtaposed with the most engaging GMAT course teachers. All the GMAT instructors have a score of 99 percentiles in their GMAT. Chris Kane, a graduate from the Stanford University, is the most sought after GMAT trainer and is associated with Veritas. The Veritas holds its prep courses at the heart of New York City, i.e. at the Grand Hyatt at 109 East 42nd Street.The Veritas prep courses covers 15 course lesson study books, 15 practice papers, more than 2700 practice problems, AWA expert feedback, progress reports, MBA workshops and online or phone support. The prep course comes at a price range of $1600 to $800.

Kaplan prep course:

Why not qualify with a high score at the first try? Here at Kaplan GMAT prep course, you are guaranteed to score high in your GMAT. The GMAT review course of the KAPLAN test prep constitutes of on demand course, classroom on site course, classroom anywhere course and the one-on-one course. The Kaplan review course is a trusted and reliable leader in the test prep. This is because most of those individuals, getting into business schools, take the Kaplan GMAT course. Moreover, you will get private tutors and qualified teaching faculty based on your demands and capabilities. The Kaplan also guarantees a money back offer in case you do not score high in GMAT. The price of Kaplan GMAT review ranges from $479 to $2499.

Manhattan GMAT prep:

The best part about this GMAT review course is that, its study materials are based on content and teaching excellence. The teachers involved in the Manhattan test prep have a 99 percentile score in GMAT and they are totally qualified to guide you through your GMAT prep. It is available all over the 50 states of the US. It is available in Canada, England, and France and in other locations online. This test prep course employs all the latest technologies and solving techniques that are sure to make the test-taker’s experience to be smoother and enjoyable.


A structured course, in-depth tutoring for a thorough knowledge about the course, techniques and strategies and a guaranteed score of more than 700 in GMAT are the main essence of the MLIC GMAT course. This GMAT review course provides you with coaching instructors who are required to take the GMAT at least once every year. This keeps the teachers updated and eligible to take over the colossal task of preparing you for the ultimate test. It has a three-tier course structure namely the pre-course training, in-class training and post-class training. On an average, this prep course spans over a period of 120 hours. It has the additional facility of stressing LIVE GMAT administration changes. It adapts to best possible methods and strategies to deal with tough GMAT questions. It has a well-planned class schedule and a reasonable fee structure, to make sure you succeed in GMAT.

Which course should be best for you?

Comparing and re-evaluating all the above-mentioned courses, it would be solely at your discretion which course to avail. These test prep courses have numerous centers all over the world. Most of them are placed at convenient locations for any commuter. Moreover, the fee structure is relatively sensible and you will not have to do any extra work over the study prep materials. The main thing to look for is how much your capacity for study is and how dedicated you are to GMAT.

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