GMAT Review Class

The Most Effective GMAT Review Classes and why they are distinguished.

Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a standardized test, the scores of which are crucial in deciding your admission to the Top Management or Business schools.To get the target scores you need to plan and prepare right.There are many GMAT prep classes which will help you in doing just that and since many have made a name for themselves with their comprehensive and result oriented GMAT classes, we will review a select few of these classes.

Veritas Prep-GMAT:

Extremely comprehensive (supposed to be more extensive than Kaplan in its coverage of the topics) with highly skilled and engaging instructors, this GMAT review class is highly recommended if you want to make the top cut. With the course structure systematically organized, this GMAT review class gives a thorough practice with a lot of advanced questions and great answer explanations. Although it may be priced a little on the higher side, it is definitely worth the investment!

Benchmark Prep GMAT:

If you are looking for a low cost yet effective prep class then this GMAT review class is the one. This three month program comes with a fifty point guarantee. Besides teaching the strategies and techniques, they provide extensive practice with problems which are as close to the actual GMAT questions in their difficulty level.

800 score com Complete GMAT Prep Package:

When it comes to a cost effective prep class this one takes the cake. This GMAT review class, even though it is priced low, does not compromise on its quality. The course material is as extensive as any online course and there is 24-hour tutorial support to clear your doubts. The greatest plus point of this GMAT review class is that it helps you with your pacing, with a ‘Test Pacer’, which is very critical to your performance. The practice questions are simulated version of the actual GMAT test. Besides these, you can also practice essay questions and get them graded with an “E-rater”. Definitely value for money!

Manhattan GMAT prep classes:

Some feel that this GMAT review class is better than the Kaplan’s or Princeton’s traditional classroom classes. Perceptions may vary; nevertheless, the biggest advantage in taking this class is that it provides you with strategies which are not in the study books; this can definitely make a difference to your scores and not to mention your study time. Besides, these classes are recorded and can be reviewed after three months. This is really advantageous in helping you reinforce what you have studied.

Princeton Review GMAT course:

The Princeton GMAT Review Class, with its proven track record, has well written materials and lot of tricks and strategies that comes with taking the class. The online courses can customize your study according to your specific need. Overall, it is a good refresher course which will definitely make a difference to your scores and it is definitely recommended by most test takers.

Parting Words!

Although you might be able to do a self-study for the GMAT exam, enrolling for a GMAT prep class can help you cover up the syllabus with a disciplined and systematic approach. Some of the Prep classes give you various options like private tutoring, online tutoring etc. which can be customized according to your convenience. Each GMAT review class reviewed above have their pros and cons but as long as you have the conviction to achieve, the prep classes are there to support your dreams.

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