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The Best GMAT Programs for Your Prep

The GMAT is a highly competitive examination administered worldwide for absorption of candidates into graduate management programs in global business schools. This test is considered a yard stick for measuring the student’s ability to be offered a seat into prestigious management programs across the world. For an exam of such importance, you must be well prepared to score high in the exam. To make your preparation better, you need to opt for GMAT programs that could provide you with an extra edge in improving your skills and test taking abilities.

Best GMAT Programs for Your Prep

Selection of GMAT programs for your prep must be characterized by some important factors which you must take interest in knowing.

  • You must check the expertise of the GMAT programs you wish to join.
  • You must know the standard of the study materials they would provide.
  • You can also get a feedback of the students who had already undergone coaching in the GMAT programs you wish you to join.
  • You can also attend a demo class if they offer you one.

Given below is information about some good GMAT programs currently available.

Veritas Prep Course

The Veritas’ GMAT programs for preparation are considered one of the best prep courses available currently. They have expert faculty and they also claim to have faculty who are alumni of famous business schools. Nevertheless, they provide good study materials as part of their GMAT programs. They provide you an extensive classroom course to help you gain methodical knowledge pertaining to solve the questions. This helps you to tackle any new question with speed and accuracy. The link given below will provide you information regarding all the GMAT programs they offer.


Kaplan has been undoubtedly the best coaching institutes for global competitive exams link the GMAT, GRE, TOEFL etc. They have 40 years of teaching expertise in the field of GMAT programs for preparation. They also provide you with one test where your actual GMAT test would take place because they have a tie with the Pearson VUE for this extra benefit. This helps you clearly know the testing environment. They provide you with good study materials for your prep. The link given below will help you know more about Kaplan and the GMAT programs they offer.

Manhattan GMAT

The Manhattan GMAT programs for preparation are also widely preferred by many GMAT aspirants worldwide. Their unique classroom coaching is very instrumental in honing your test taking abilities. They claim that a tutor at Manhattan undergoes 100 hour training session to start tutoring the students. This helps them train the students better. They also offer different kinds of GMAT programs for the benefit of many test takers who are working. The main concern for joining would be the price. It is a bit highly priced compared to its competitors. But, if you are aiming at top notch schools by spending much, you can surely rely upon them. The link given below will help you know more about their expertise and the types of GMAT programs they offer.

The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review is also a good coaching institute with lots of experience and expertise in the field of coaching students. They already have some bestselling books published in the market. They provide feasible GMAT programs availing which you can learn without compromising on the convenience. Though it does not provide a very vigorous prep coaching, you can score well by attending them. Their program would suit students who want a detailed study procedure. The link given below will direct you to the official website of the Princeton Review.

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