Private Tutoring Options for the GMAT

GMAT Private Tutoring- A Viable Option

There are various elegant test prep courses that provide a tutoring option for GMAT. This test prep option has proved to be one of the best options on account of its one-to-one instruction, individual attention to students, customization of study materials according to one’s level of intelligence, flexibility of time and space (one can take an appointment with an instructor according to one’s convenience), etc. Mentioned below are some of the best test prep courses which provide tutors to students in an efficient way with the aid of modern technology:

Manhattan’s Private Tutoring: Manhattan provides tutoring facility both in-person and online. One can avail in-person private tutoring facility at various cities in United States and in Singapore, Zurich, London, Madrid, etc.
In-person private tutoring: It is is fully customized and it is based on the intelligence, budget and schedule of students who avail this facility. Tutors are assigned on the basis of one’s level of intelligence. The students get individual attention and are tutored with Turbo charge your GMAT course books viz Verbal Study/ Solutions Guide, Math Study/ Solutions Guide, Online challenging CATs, etc. Besides, 12th edition of GMAT official Guide written and issued by GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) plays an important role in preparation.
Online private tutoring: This facility is focused on test takers who have less time to devote for preparation. Instructions are delivered by experts through WebEx video player and Windows media player. (One needs to download these software for live whiteboard teaching, video and audio sessions, and recorded sessions). Besides, one can avail tutoring in one’s own time zone. One can access more information regarding this on the webpage

Veritas’ Private Tutoring: Veritas provides GMAT coaching facility in US and also in Australia, Canada, India, Mexico, United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and United Kingdom (London). One can avail the facility of tutors either in-person, or on phone and also through online virtual classroom (uses the technology of video conferencing where students receive teachers’ instructions and get feedback on their performance). Tutors are one of the top performers who have already scored 99th percentile in GMAT. They give individual attention to students and identify their weaknesses. Additionally, Veritas Prep On Demand technology provides the entire test prep course in recorded form. One can avail audio and video lectures anytime. True Track software provides extra study materials, tracks one’s scores throughout the preparation and provides class lectures in concise form. One can avail more information by logging onto the website

Kaplan’s Private Tutoring: Private tutoring facility by Kaplan is available in 15, 25, 35 hours package or more based on one’s need. Kaplan uses Smart Reports technology to access the strengths and weaknesses of each student. The level of instruction changes with one’s level of understanding of the course materials. Kaplan uses books viz The Official Guide to the GMAT by the GMAC, the Kaplan GMAT Pocket Reference, the Kaplan GMAT course book along with various online video based workshops related to the verbal ability, quantitative ability and writing assessment sections of GMAT. One can access the webpage to get information in detail.

Princeton’s Private Tutoring: Princeton provides both in-person and online private tutoring facility. A student can choose from one of the tutors (based on one’s level of intelligence and schedule) i.e. premier tutors, master tutors and private tutors. Premier tutors are the ones who design prep materials based on the level of each category of students i.e. average and outstanding. They are the most experienced fellows. The master tutors provide instructions to above average students. Besides, private tutors provide classroom instructions to a mass of students. One can enter one’s zip code to find out the best tutor available in one’s area.

Wind up:

One can access a lot of test prep options for the preparation of GMAT viz coaching classes, self preparation at one’s own pace, class room instructions, small group instructions, etc. No doubt, they have proved themselves to be very effective in improving the scores of students but tutoring has subsided the effect of all others mainly on account of its customization of study materials, flexibility of time and space to take instructions from experts, and individual attention and feedback throughout the GMAT preparation period which aids in improving the scores of students.