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The GMAT is conducted in most of the countries of the world and is taken by thousands of candidates around the world. It is used by over 1500 business schools of the world. There are various test centers for the GMAT in every country and it is organized throughout the year. This shows how important the GMAT test is. You will find a number of different coaching institutes and study guides available for the preparation of the GMAT. Apart from these, there are a number of online courses available for the GMAT. One can also download a prep software for the GMAT. These prep software are designed in various formats. GMAT tutorial software is one of them.
As the name suggests the GMAT tutorial software is designed to teach you the basics of various things related to the GMAT. The official web site of the GMAT organizers offers you a free GMAT tutorial software. It is very good to start your preparation. The GMAT is conducted in a computer adaptive format. The GMAT tutorial software includes a small course on the use of mouse and keyboard. It also teaches you how to take the test on computer. This is especially useful for those students who are not familiar with computers. It also boosts your confidence as you will not fumble at anything while attempting the actual test. You will also be prepared and will know exactly what to expect during the exam.

The Verbal and the Quantitative sections of the GMAT have questions based on multiple choice answers. The Verbal section is a test of your abilities to analyze the given information and draw inferences from it. It is divided into three parts: Reading Comprehension, Sentence Correction and Critical Reasoning. The GMAT tutorial software gives you brief explanations to these subsections and offers you various questions to solve. As you solve these questions you are guided through the correct answers. Every answer is provided with the reasoning for it. The Quantitative section of the GMAT is designed to test your basic math and quantitative reasoning abilities. The GMAT tutorial software explains the basic concepts required for answering all types of questions. It gives you ample practice for solving the sample questions.

Apart from the individual sections, the GMAT tutorial software also includes few full length question papers. These question papers give you adequate practice of taking the GMAT test. It also gives you an actual feel of the exam. Once you take the test you are shown the scores that you have gained. The scores can guide you exactly about your weak and strong areas. Once you have studied to overcome the weaker areas, you can take the test again. This way you can find out whether you have improved or not.

There are various web sites that offer you GMAT tutorial software. Some of the web sites have already been mentioned. You may find that some of the coaching institutes offer the CDs of their prep courses. These CDs include the GMAT tutorial software. The cost of these software can be found out from the internet. Overall, the GMAT tutorial software supplements your proper GMAT study materials very well. Therefore, using the GMAT tutorial software certainly gives you an added advantage.

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