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Which GMAT Preparation Course Should You Consider?

A computer adaptive competitive exam like the GMAT demands dogged preparation which should be consistent and comprehensive enough to ensure a high score for the aspirant. The GMAT prep industry is replete with courses which suit the needs of different kinds of students. Some could be for 12 weeks, whereas others could be a short three-week crash course in GMAT prep. So, how does an aspirant decide which GMAT preparation course to consider for his GMAT prep? The answer to that is simple enough, the aspirant needs to understand his priorities and keep in mind the amount of time he has chalked out for his GMAT prep, before he selects the desired GMAT preparation course.

Seasoned GMAT test takers or management students who have already appeared for the GMAT would agree that a good combination of a GMAT preparation course, prep material, practice tests and online forums would be an ideal way to chart out your GMAT preparation. But what is essential here is, to not depend solely on any one prep industry name for the entire combination. Try out different prep guides, practice tests and online forums along with the GMAT preparation course of your choice. Every GMAT preparation course will offer prep material as a part of the course so definitely use that, along with a combination of materials/tests from other GMAT prep industry names as well. This will ensure that the aspirant has a comprehensive grasp of all the sections of the GMAT. The World Wide Web offers many a GMAT preparation course, including names like Veritas Prep, Kaplan GMAT, Manhattan GMAT, Princeton Review and the Read about these ahead so you can decide which one to choose for your GMAT preparation.

Veritas Prep

The GMAT preparation courses available on this website range from offline classes, online sessions to private tutoring along with a host of study materials made available to students to study from. It also has an online store from which students can purchase extra study materials. Veritas Prep also offers free trial sessions for students to attend and choose which GMAT preparation course they want to pick. Aspirants can have a look at it at

Kaplan GMAT

Offering students a no-nonsense approach towards selecting their desired GMAT preparation course, Kaplan GMAT restricts its prep courses to only two, which in a way is beneficial to students because it causes less amount of confusion when selecting a GMAT preparation course. Although both the courses have the same number of practice tests and study hours, their approach and content varies depending on the kind of student that enrols for the course. Aspirants can take a pick from these two courses at

Manhattan GMAT

The Manhattan GMAT is renowned for its study material and most 90 percentile test takers swear by the content covered in the Manhattan guide books. Even their course range is quite wide and has on its menu offline classes, one day workshops, live online classes, two-week boot camps for tricky sections, corporate classes, college programs, guided self-study and private tutoring, all depending, once again, on the kind of student that enrols for the course. To select the GMAT preparation course of your choice go to

Princeton Review

Banking high on its money back guarantee, the Princeton Review promises the aspirants a sure-shot chance at success and an improved score. Displaying full confidence in their study material, tutors and courses, Princeton Review offers aspirants five different kinds of courses from which students can pick their chosen GMAT preparation course. It could be live online classes, offline sessions in classrooms, private tutoring or a small group study plan. Tailoring their courses to students’ needs is what makes Princeton Review a good ‘go-to’ name in GMAT prep. Have a look at their GMAT preparation courses at

Boasting of 99 percentile test takers as its developers, this prep site has long been a favourite of college graduates because of its affordability and 24-hour tutor support online. The name of this prep site is synonymous with the highest possible score any test taker can get in the GMAT. And this is what they hope to achieve for all their aspirants. They have a separate section on time management and encourage students to take it up because they believe that ultimately the GMAT is a test of nerves against time. More than just courses, has downloadable tests and also a free GMAT preparation course which aspirants can download for trial purposes. Have a look at their content at

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