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The GMAT Preparation Class that You Should Join

To get an admission into some of the most prestigious MBA programs around the world you have to get a decent GMAT score. Although the score depends on the particular university you are applying to, you still have to score at least in the mid 600s. Some of you may believe that self preparation would suffice for this task; this assumption is a big mistake. A good GMAT preparation class plays an important role in securing the required marks in GMAT.

Those of you who have already realized this fact and have done your research will know that there are hundreds of such courses available in the market. How do you choose a GMAT preparation class that suits you? Here are a few parameters to help you decide –

  • Judge yourself

    Before going for any of the GMAT preparation class, you should know where you stand. Take a sample test available at or on any other GMAT preparation site. Analyze this test fairly and critically to find out your strengths and weaknesses. If you find that you are about average, you should take up a long comprehensive class and if you are already very good you can do with a short term crash course or an online course.

  • Quality of tutors

    Many institutes that facilitate a GMAT preparation class boast about the quality of the tutors on offer. But it is not always true. You can judge this aspect only by taking genuine feedback from either previous students or from various forums available online. This is the most important parameter on which you should judge any course. If you think that the tutor isn’t so important, think again!

    There are several tips and strategies involved in the test which only an experienced tutor can give you. This will make a great difference in your final score. So you will be much better off doing some research on the quality of tutors in a particular institute before joining.

  • Offered courses

    Any institute that offers a GMAT preparation class will have various options like online tutoring, online live, in classroom, private tutoring, correspondence etc. If you are particularly interested in one program, then you can filter several of the institutes based on the availability of that program.

These are the 3 main aspects of judging any GMAT preparation class. If you want to have more filters, you can take into consideration the cost efficiency, previous results, online feedback from previous users etc. This will give you a better idea on a suitable course.

If you are still confused, here is a review of some of the best institutes that offer a GMAT preparation class-

Princeton Review®:

It is having one of the best GMAT preparation class programs around and it is preferred by a majority of students. Purely from statistics and the results that they have been able to produce, you can be sure that they provide the best instructors and an amazing environment. This institute essentially offers 6 preparation options to the students viz. private tutoring, small group instruction, GMAT classroom course, GMAT online live and online GMAT course. For more detailed information on these courses and availability in your area, you can visit the official website

Kaplan Test Prep:

Kaplan is another giant in the GMAT field but unlike the Princeton review, it doesn’t offer such a variety of courses. The online courses at Kaplan are considered to be better than the classroom programs, however it also depends on your tutor. The courses that they offer are as follows-GMAT on demand, GMAT classroom anywhere, GMAT classroom onsite, GMAT one-on-one. The customer service is excellent here and you get a lot of help from the management too. For more details about the courses visit the site

Manhattan Review®:

This is another institute that provides a comprehensive GMAT preparation class both online and in person. The programs offered by Manhattan review® are essentially the same as Kaplan. The main courses being-Interactive online GMAT and In-person GMAT. This GMAT preparation class is offered on both long term and short term basis. Apart from this they regularly organize workshops and seminars in which eminent personalities from the business world as well as the best trainers from the institute speak. You can get further information and student reviews on their official site

Veritas Prep:

Although Veritas isn’t in the same league as the institutes reviewed above, it still offers a decent GMAT preparation class. The courses are as follows-In-person/Live online, One on One tutoring and free resources. The free resources program is a unique feature at Veritas that offers downloadable online applications related to GMAT. These include business related applications, mock tests, forums, deadlines etc. Overall Veritas offers an attractive package. Check out the site for more details if you are interested.

The analysis given here is a guideline for you; however you should do some online research on the particular GMAT preparation class of your interest. This must include getting exposed to discussions on various GMAT forums, getting feedback from your seniors, looking at previous results, attending demo sessions at that institute etc. It is advisable that you be thorough in your research before joining. All the best!!

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