GMAT Preparation Book

How to Select a GMAT Preparation Book

GMAT, although is a highly competitive exam, can be cracked with good preparation assistance, planning and dedication. Many GMAT aspirants will prepare for the GMAT vigorously by attending a coaching institute. But the ones who cannot find time to attend a coaching institute will have to rely upon some good GMAT preparation books for guidance throughout their preparation for the GMAT. A good GMAT preparation book would provide you with all the necessary elements for your preparation. You will have all the concepts explained thoroughly with solved examples and will also be provided with sample test papers for your practice. It helps you to improve your skills, gain more knowledge and grip on the subject, which help you to score high in the actual GMAT.

How to Select a GMAT Preparation Book?

Purchasing a GMAT preparation book must be made after a thorough understanding of the book in terms of many factors as explained below.

  • You must know about the author first. Is he/she an expert in the field of concerned study? Are any credentials of the author being advertised? These are some of the aspects to be understood pertaining to the author.
  • You must clearly know about the quality and quantity of the test papers or questions discussed etc to know about what the GMAT preparation book has to offer you.
  • You may also contact any of your acquaintances who have successfully scored well in the GMAT for an advice upon using a GMAT preparation book for your GMAT prep.
  • You can also find reviews of prep books over the internet to know more about the GMAT preparation book you wish to buy.
  • Lastly, you must also understand if the book is a good value for your money.
  • Considering the above-described factors, you must settle upon a GMAT preparation book.

Cracking the GMAT by the Princeton Review

Cracking the GMAT by The Princeton Review is a GMAT preparation book that fully covers all the topics required for the GMAT and also provides you with good sample test papers for your practice. This book primarily concentrates upon helping you to improve your test taking skills by providing many strategic test taking tips and techniques to help you solve a question in less than the available time. Each answer is provided with full explanation to save you of any confusion.

The Official Guide to GMAT Review, 12th Edition

The Official Guide to GMAT Review, 12th Edition is a full-fledged GMAT preparation book published by the GMAT administrators to make the test takers understand the actual test format and structure of the GMAT. This GMAT preparation book will provide you the advantage of understanding the original GMAT format from its experts. There are altogether 800 past GMAT questions with full explanations in this GMAT preparation book. This book is priced at US $36.95 and is a must for every GMAT aspirant.

Kaplan GMAT Premier Program

Kaplan is a well-known publisher of competitive exams’ prep books. The Kaplan GMAT Premier Program is a good book for those students who aim at scoring 700+. This GMAT preparation book provides you with many proven strategic test tips which are easy to apply and remember. This book provides you with many tough questions for your practice. This helps in making you skilled enough to attempt any new question model with ease.

Nova’s GMAT Prep Course by Scott Thornburg

The GMAT Prep Course published by Nova is a good buy for any beginner. This GMAT preparation book might not help you score extremely high but practicing this book thoroughly will help you score a good score. Not only it explains all the concepts right from the basics for your better understanding, but also provides you with tough practice questions to gain more competence. It is priced at US $26.37 and is available online at Amazon book store.

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