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Step 5

If possible, form a GMAT exam preparation group with some other students who are also planning to take the test. You will learn from each other. Also, if there is someone in your group who is appearing for a GMAT retest, he may be able to give you some invaluable tips on answering the questions asked, as he would be having a first hand experience of taking the test. Even if you are not able to form a study group, you will be able to carry on with GMAT exam preparation on your own as well. The most important aspect of GMAT exam preparation to be kept in mind is that all this planning should be done at least 4-5 months before the deadline for appearing for the test. You have to plan your GMAT exam preparation in such a way that even after the GMAT scores reach you, you still have time to appear for a retest, if required, and improve your scores before the last date of submission of admission forms for MBA at the business school of your choice.

Step 6

The next step is to divide the total time available for GMAT exam preparation into different time schedules for studying for the verbal, mathematical and analytical sections of the test. You will have to revise the basic rules of English grammar and basics of geometry, algebra and arithmetic. If you have been out of touch with your studies for quite some time then you may need to spend a lot more time in reviewing your basics. A big part of your GMAT exam preparation time will be spent revising and possibly re-learning the content areas that are generally tested on the GMAT.

For the verbal part of your GMAT exam preparation you will essentially have to prepare for sentence correction, critical reasoning and reading comprehension. For this you will have to improve your ability to recognize and comprehend the conventions and grammatical rules of the English language.

In the analytical writing section of the GMAT test you will be required to write 2 essays. One essay will be the analysis of an issue the other will be the analysis of an argument. During the course of your GMAT exam preparation you will have to devote a lot of time to practice writing essays. The essays need not be elaborate and high styled, rather they should be concise and well presented.

For the quantitative or the mathematical section you will have to work on your understanding of general mathematical concepts and learn to evaluate data for its content and relevance. Many students find the questions dealing with data sufficiency the most difficult to solve. The only solution lies in practicing problem solving over and over again. The essence of GMAT exam preparation lies in practice, practice and more practice.

Step 7

In the previous step of GMAT exam preparation, we have emphasized on practice and the best way to carry it out is by taking practice tests. Once you feel that you have prepared enough to appear for the GMAT, you should start taking practice tests. This is because realistic practice is crucial to your success in the GMAT test. These tests are available on various web sites and there are also many books available which give you a hang of the types of questions to expect in the test. However, it is always advisable to take your practice tests on a computer. Practice tests designed to run on computers will more or less give you the same ambience as that of GMAT CAT and the advantage is that they will even evaluate your answers and give you a score exactly on the actual GMAT pattern which will help you to see where you stand.


You need skills in the areas of content, critical thinking, and reasoning to do well in the GMAT, so you have to definitely incorporate each of these aspects into your GMAT exam preparation. Different business schools have different GMAT score cut-offs, for accepting your application. The more reputed the school is, the higher is the cut off. So, it is important for you to get a high GMAT score to race ahead of your competitors in the race for admissions to prestigious business schools. With a little help, guidance and a lot of practice during the course of your GMAT exam preparation you can muster high scores.

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