Graduate Management Admission Test i.e. GMAT measures mathematical, verbal and analytical skills of a candidate. GMAT test helps students as well as management of business schools in assessing the capabilities of applicants for advanced study in MBA program. Your GMAT score can help you in getting admission in reputed institutions across US. Without a good score there are very little chances of getting yourself enrolled in a reputed MBA program of any US university. Thus the importance of GMAT test cannot be under assessed for a bright future in management.

With this as a prelude, the most important question is how to crack the GMAT. A well-planned GMAT PREP schedule can help you in cracking the GMAT. Preparing for any test is never an easy task so, as with GMAT PREP. It is important to avoid anxiety during GMAT PREP. The only way is to plan a GMAT PREP. Preparation is possible only through practice. Repeated practice on the GMAT sample test designed in the original pattern and with the time management is the best way of GMAT PREP. To succeed you need to be focused, sincere and honest towards the GMAT PREP. You just have to approach it with the correct attitude, determination and discipline. Systematic and proper planning is required for scoring in GMAT.

The important points are very helpful in GMAT PREP

  • Effective time management.
  • Awareness of the test section and structure.
  • Repeated practice
  • Work harder on weakness
  • Start GMAT PREP without delay.


GMAT test consists of 3 sections i.e. Analytical writing assessment (AWA), Quantitative section and Verbal section.

GMAT analytical writing contains of two essays. The essays will be on two topics:

  • Analysis of an issue.
  • Analysis of an argument.

GMAT quantitative Section contains two types of questions:

  • Data Sufficiency
  • Problem Solving.

GMAT verbal section contains the questions on:

  • Sentence correction,
  • Reading comprehension and on
  • Critical reasoning.
  • GMAT Preparation time

GMAT tests your initial state of readiness. The GMAT checks and puts stress on your grammatically correct English and basic mathematics i.e. mathematics which you have studied so far in your schools. If you are good in both the subjects, it becomes easier for you to start GMAT PREP. However one should not lose hope even if you are not good in the subjects as hard work will surely pay dividends.

You should start GMAT PREP at least 3-4 months prior to your test date. You should divide your GMAT PREP into two parts ' for the initial one or one and a half months you should totally devote your time in strengthening your foundations by going into the topics of the GMAT curriculum. You should first of all gain as much information as possible about the format of the test, the type of question asked, and syllabus covered and the time allotted to each section etc. If you know all these thing you will be more focused and your GMAT PREP shall be more systematic. And in the remaining half you should keep on attempting GMAT tests which are available online. These tests give you the feel of the actual computer adaptive test i.e. GMAT CAT.

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