GMAT Prep Software

The Most Reliable Software for GMAT Prep

What is GMAT prep software?

The GMAT is a computer adaptive exam administered all over the world in about 111 countries in more than 530 test centers. The GMAT is the exam for you in case you want to pursue an MBA course in your carrier. However, in order to score high in the GMAT you need work hard and dedicate yourself to your aim. It is in this regard, that the GMAT prep software comes in handy for your preparation. The GMAT prep software provides a real life experience of the GMAT test and it is free for download when you become a registered user of the official GMAT webpage. You will get many facilities from this software programmed by the creators of GMAT. To get a depth about this software let us find out what the software has to offer you.

What are the GMAT software specifications?

The GMAT prep software is a freeware available on the GMAT official page. You need to first register yourself and make an account in the GMAT webpage to go to the download page of the GMAT prep software. Following are some special features of this software:

  • It has 15 practice questions from each of the question types of GMAT. This means, you will get a proper overview of what to expect on the actual day of the GMAT test and channelize your efforts to score more in the final GMAT exam. Moreover, the answers of these practice questions are provided with proper explanations too. This is an added benefit as you can get to the depths of the exam pattern and train yourself accordingly.
  • The next feature of the GMAT prep software is that it contains two full-length computer adaptive practice tests, which simulate and imitate the exact test environment. These practice tests have the same interface as the final GMAT exam. You can go back and forth the previous questions in the GMAT prep software when you are taking the test. However, you will not get detailed explanations of the answers.
  • The accuracy and the precision of the verbal and quantitative sections let you have a closer look at the state in which you are currently. It acts as a clear indicator about your preparation quality. Once you have taken the first practice test, you can get a diagnostic report of your preparation. You can work hard to improve yourself and take the second GMAT exam just before the D-day to know how much you may score.
  • You do not have to worry about your math review. The GMAT prep software makes a detailed analysis of your math section and scrutinizes your mistakes correctly. It provides an in-depth evaluation of the math section
  • You will get your GMAT score instantaneously. This means that the GMAT prep software is real-time scoring software providing you instant score of your GMAT performance.

How reliable is the GMAT prep software?

GMAT prep software has one specific quality, which other prep software lack. It is the quality of being original and the fact of being an authentic software, dished out from the house of the GMAT administrators. There are other GMAT prep software available with prep courses of Kaplan, Princeton review or the 800 but nothing can compare itself with the GMAT prep software. This software is equipped with the first hand experience of the GMAT test environment. Moreover, the questions used in each of the sections of the test are completely fresh and scooped up from the previous year's questions. As GMAT administrators publish it, it has that extra touch of genuineness in it.

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