GMAT Options in NYC

GMAT Preparation Options in NYC

If you have decided to make it into the business world, the next best thing is to hone your skills suitable for your chosen career. One of the chosen pathways is to gain admission to the management or business schools, for which you have to take the GMAT or the Graduate Management Admission Test which is conducted by the Graduate Management admission council (GMAC). While the test is conducted around the world and there are numerous preparation options available for the candidates for study, this article concentrates on the preparation options in NYC.

Taking the GMAT is an important criterion to gain admission to management schools; hence, preparing for it is a serious business. There are a number of prep companies in NYC which have earned a reputation of producing the desired results through their content oriented as well as comprehensive coverage of the GMAT course. Some of the courses are offered by Manhattan, Veritas, MLIC, and Knewton.

Manhattan Review: is offered by Manhattan Review and the students taking this have the advantage of preparing for the test with the help of Electronic Interactive Whiteboard which helps to improve the students’ learning experiences. Some of the options available iare GMAT prep crash course, long course, intensive course etc. Besides these they also conduct online events. You can register for Free Online GMAT and MBA Workshops. If you want to know more about the workshops or the courses offered by Manhattan Review then visit the following sites:

Veritas: The courses offered by Veritas are available in more than 80 locations around the world. It, however, attracts more students in NYC than any of its other locations around the world. The Veritas, with a proven record of success, has some of the highly skilled instructors imparting the course, and why not? The course duration is longer than most of the rival courses which gives them the advantage of working with the basics to the advanced concepts in a progressive manner. Again, there are many course options to choose from, such as the immersion course, fast track course, private tutoring etc. They also offer MBA admission workshop at no extra cost. For more information visit

Manhattan GMAT: Now don’t confuse Manhattan GMAT with Manhattan Review. They are two different companies. This company distinguishes itself in that it helps the students gain content mastery with an organized approach to tackle any question in the GMAT exam. They also teach certain unique strategies such as the “process of elimination” and “backsolving techniques”. To know more about this course visit:

Knewton: The Knewton’s GMAT prep is based on online format and guarantees an increase of minimum of 50 points total GMAT score. You can attend these classes live or you can watch them on demand. Besides providing a comprehensive GMAT material, there adaptive-learning course is intended to address the specific problem areas you need help with. They identify themselves to be better than the traditional prep classes as you not only cut down the commuting time in NYC but you also have the advantage of having the best tutors instructing you through their online format. For more information log onto
Whichever course you opt for, do not forget to check in with your friends and previous test takers on how good and competent your local instructor is because however good a prep course is, if the instructor does not appeal to you then you might not be able to prepare to your optimum.