GMAT Preparation Options in Houston

GMAT Prep Options in Houston

Living in the fourth largest city of the United States shouldn’t bring forth any obstacles when it comes to preparation for competitive graduate exams like the GMAT. From among the professional names in the coaching industry, Houston boasts of nearly all the names that are there, be it Princeton Review, Manhattan Review, Knewton, Manhattan GMAT or Veritas Prep. You name it and Houston has it, but then again, the sheer number of courses and prep classes being offered could be mind-boggling and confusing. If this is the case with you as well, then read on to know more on the various options in Houston as this will help you pick out the course best suited to your needs. Also there is a good go-to website for knowing about different choices available for preparation, MBA admissions, forums and free classes as well. You can see it at

Princeton Review

Offering a range of offline and online courses to aspirants all over the United States, Princeton Review’s home will display many options for a test taker to choose from. Right from finding a local private tutoring class, to offline small-group classes or online lessons, test-takers can benefit by all this simply with a click of a mouse. Typing in your local/zip code will guide you to information which is precise and relevant to your needs. Suppose for example, if you are looking for courses close to where you live and your zip code is 77003, then you need to only fill in this code when asked and after that you would be directed to a page like this, where the various options will be listed. Aspirants can also find an online store to purchase books and necessary prep materials as and when they need. .

Manhattan Review

Conducting prep classes and offering courses to over 40 cities in the United States, Manhattan Review is one name many test takers swear by. The primary reason for this is because they offer a wide variety of flexible courses to students, ranging from crash courses, intensive courses, long course and also online courses, along with private tutoring and self-help packs. Apart from unlimited class access and a score guarantee, Manhattan Review also offers a $100 discount under its refer a friend student referral program. Aspirants can choose a course from amongst Manhattan Review’s line-up of courses at

Veritas Prep

Boasting of modern classrooms and convenient locations, coaching in Houston just got stylish with Veritas Prep offering all this and more, to all test takers in Houston. And need we add, expensive. Priced slightly on the higher end, Veritas Prep claims to give you your money’s worth. It has a host of free online seminars for aspirants to attend and decide if Veritas is really their choice or not. Veritas Prep also claims to be the only name which offers 42 hours of classes, nearly 10-15 prep books and numerous practice tests for aspirants to gain an edge and score their best in the GMAT. You can have a look at their prep options in Houston page at

Manhattan GMAT

Manhattan GMAT has you covered from the foundation up. True to their words and beliefs, Manhattan GMAT offers aspirants exhaustive study materials. They also offer free trial classes almost every month for students to attend and decide if they would like to start their GMAT prep with Manhattan GMAT or not ( ). They claim that their tutors are the best in the industry and their focus on content and practice has been the key reason of their unbeaten track record of most successful candidates ever. As part of their courses they provide aspirants with 8 strategy guides, 3 official guides, 6 computer adaptive tests, free workshops for problematic areas and a 30-minute session once a week with a private tutor to solve obstacles during your prep. With its center in Bellaire Blvd. Houston, Manhattan GMAT also lends access to an online blog and forums for aspirants to participate and learn more. They are available at &

Knewton GMAT Prep

The home page of this prep industry name welcomes you with a bold proclamation of rendering any other test prep company totally obsolete. Calling themselves the best GMAT prep in Houston, Knewton offers a free study guide to aspirants and also free sessions in case your score does not improve by a 50 point increase. Knewton also claims that the online courses they offer are by far much better than the brick-and-mortar classes in Houston because of the exhaustive course content they teach. Advocating online lectures over the infamous Houston commute, Knewton tutors surely seem convinced about the prep options in Houston that they have to offer. You can take a look at the pricing (with a $399 rebate) at