Well-Known Courses for Help With GMAT

The Most Reputed GMAT Prep Courses

One of the most success assuring methods of preparation for the GMAT is the use of prep courses. These courses help a candidate prepare for the test in a systematic manner such that no topic is left untouched and they can have a thorough revision for it. They are designed such that the candidates can be clear about each and every topic and concept that is there in the test syllabus. They provide guidance for all the sections of the test exclusively and make sure that the candidates have complete knowledge about them.

These courses are mostly available in three formats; namely, classroom training courses, online courses and the private tutoring classes. The candidates are offered these options and they can choose among them as per their own requirements and suitability. One can find various institutes and organisations offering these courses around the globe, using which the candidates can have an easy journey to success in GMAT. Names and salient features of some of the famous courses have been mentioned in the following passages-

  • Kaplan Test Prep

    One of the most heard names is that of Kaplan Test Prep. They offer the candidates with two levels of preparation; the basic and the advanced. The candidates who want to have a basic knowledge of all aspects of the test can take the basic level courses and the advanced level courses are meant for those who want to achieve an edge over the other candidates with specialised training for the test. Along with training, they also provide the candidates with 9 practice tests in both types of courses.

  • GMATscore.com

    GMATscore.com provides candidates with online coaching classes and private tutoring options. Their unique feature is a specially designed course for the preparation of the Verbal section alone. Also, they offer special preparation e-books that the candidates can download after paying a certain amount of money. They even have books and up to date preparation materials that focus on the difficult topics of the test syllabus.

  • Manhattan GMAT

    For the candidates who seek guidance from expert tutors and instructors for their preparations, the courses offered by Manhattan are the best option. They offer preparation classes, self study programs and private tutoring. Their special features are the highly experienced and expert instructors who design and conduct these courses. The study materials provided by Manhattan are in sync with the changes that occur in the test pattern and syllabus from time to time.

  • 4GMAT.com

    One of the most attractive features of 4GMAT classes is their weekend tutoring classes in which they span the prep courses over a few weekends such that the regular studies of the candidates are not affected and they can pursue test preparations as well. They provide e-books that help candidates who are taking online preparations and have special books and workbooks designed as per the test syllabus.

  • VERITAS Prep Courses

    The VERITAS provides a wide range of courses from which the candidates can choose the course that best suits their needs and requirements. Some of these special options are fast track courses that offer high paced training for that last minute revision in the test syllabus. They even have elite packages that in which they offer the candidates with counseling for admissions with training for GMAT. They have the facilities of providing guidance to the candidates along with free seminars for the test preparations.

The candidates get a variety of options for the test preparations due to the presence of these courses. They can take the one which suits their situation and requirements the most and avail the benefits of specialized training.