Preparation Options for GMAT in Atlanta

GMAT Preparation Options in Atlanta

The key to success in GMAT is meticulous preparation and practice. A high score helps to maximize the chances of your application to be accepted by the top business schools. If you are living in a city like Atlanta, there is a plethora of options available for the test preparation for classroom as well as private tutoring. In case the tutoring class cannot meet your expectations, you may lose both money and time. Therefore, it is recommended to research and find the ones that best suit your needs. Following are some of the available options:

  • Veritas Prep ():

    VeritasPrep is one of the leading providers of college test and admission services in the US. It has several options of classroom and private tutoring for MBA aspirants in Atlanta for GMAT. VeritasPrep offers classroom courses of 42 hour duration, 15 practice tests, more than 1500 practice questions, instructor support over the telephone on all seven days of the week and 45 hours of online lessons. Every instructor based in Atlanta working for VeritasPrep has qualified for the minimum instructor percentile score of 99 percentile. The course locations are conveniently based near public roads or highways for easy access to students. In-person private tutoring services are also provided by VeritasPrep. VeritasPrep is one of the best GMAT tutoring services available in Atlanta. For more information, visit:

  • Emory University GMAT Prep Course:

    Emory University conducts special GMAT courses for MBA aspirants. The course duration spans for 6 sessions and is conducted by Emory University professors and test preparation experts. Basic concepts of mathematics including geometry, algebra and probability together with reading comprehension, sentence correction are covered. Special attention is given to problems on data sufficiency and critical thinking. Basics of analytical writing assessment for both argument and issue essay writing are also covered in the course. The course is an economical option; being comparatively cheaper than the courses offered by the other institutions. However, no textbook or materials are provided for the course. Kaplan GMAT is considered as the course book for the Emory University GMAT Prep Course. You can find more information at:

  • Manhattan Review Atlanta:

    Manhattan Review, founded ten years ago by Professor Joern Meisnner PhD, is an admissions and training firm based in the US. Manhattan Review boasts of a faculty comprising of industry experts, Ivy League School PhDs and graduates with top test scores and extensive teaching experience. Manhattan Review students have been accepted by top business schools around the world. All courses have unlimited class hours as opposed to preparation courses offered by other institutes. The other unique feature is the online library to which all students have access. This is one of the renowned tutors in Atlanta. You can find more information at:

  • Manhattan GMAT Atlanta:

    Manhattan GMAT is a subsidiary of Kaplan and consists of a team dedicated to the preparation of GMAT. It boasts of the best talent in the industry with a minimum instructor score achieved in an actual GMAT pegged at 99 percentile. Once selected, the instructors undergo a rigorous training session to enable them to teach better. As the team concentrates only on GMAT, the courses, techniques and problem solving strategies designed are focused strongly towards GMAT. Manhattan GMAT Atlanta provides a 9 session full course complete with 37 hours of classroom and laboratory, 1500 plus pages of materials and 6 practice Computer Adaptive tests. The courses are conducted in convenient location such as hotels or conference halls. Manhattan GMAT Atlanta is fast becoming popular for the GMAT preparation. For more information, see: