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Method of study

The first step is to decide the way you want to go ahead with your GMAT PREP. You could decide to join any good coaching institute or you can do self-study, for which you need to buy some GMAT test prep guide to go through the curriculum yourself. If you plan to join a coaching institute for GMAT PREP you should first survey around and join the best reputed institute run by well qualified and experienced professionals. There are also online coaching institutions which provide you with online classrooms and presentations for your GMAT PREP. If you are planning to study yourself, you have to buy some GMAT test prep guide related to self study. Buy at least 2-3 good GMAT test prep guides but don't keep on collecting many GMAT test prep guides as they will confuse you. You can even order some GMAT test prep guide online related to GMAT PREP. In case you plan to go ahead with self study you should be honest enough to test your capability. While you study it is most important to know your weak points, which subjects require more effort to be put in, which type of questions you need to practice more. Try to grasp as many shortcut methods as you can especially in mathematics while preparing your GMAT PREP as this will help you in saving time and efforts during the actual test. You can also do group study with your friends during GMAT PREP this will help you in creative thinking and make your studies more interesting.

Practice GMAT sample test paper

The best way to judge your GMAT preparations is to gather GMAT sample test papers which are available online. These tests will give you a fair picture of your GMAT preparation and will help you in knowing your weak points and will also guide you with some tricks and tips for the GMAT. These sample tests will help you in managing time, show you the key areas where you need to concentrate, the type of questions to be expected, the difficulty level and most importantly your speed and how much more you need to put in your GMAT PREP. After regular attempts at these GMAT sample test papers you will come to know where and why you are lacking behind in your GMATPREP.

Basic computer knowledge

GMAT test is GMAT-CAT test i.e. GMAT computer adaptive test. You should remember that the test adapts itself according to your level of answering. Initially questions will be of difficult but level will keep changing depending on your answer. As you have to give this test on computer you have to be good in typing. You cannot even think to leave the test incomplete; if you do so your scores will come down and percentile will fall hence you need to practice time management while doing GMAT PREP Your speed should be accurate as you have to frame and write two essays within the time limit i.e. 30 minutes for each essay. Generally students ignore the essay part relying on their skills but it is essential to do lot of practice. If you are not comfortable with the mouse and key board you may find yourself woefully short of words and ideas on the test day. Therefore the best way is to practice an essay on computer. As this will help you in gather the thoughts and how to express them in a systematic manner and increase your typing speed. By adding practicing on computer in your GMAT PREP you will not only familiarize yourself with the nature of the test but also acquaint yourself to finish the test in time.

Strengthening the base

As mentioned earlier, GMAT basically checks and puts stress on grammatically correct English and the basic mathematics i.e. mathematics which you have studied in your school. For the basics it is advisable to review your school and undergraduate text books. And devote time in practicing the problems. You will have to work towards English as you require good vocabulary to perform well in this section. Put in more effort in GMAT PREP to strengthen your weak points. If you get yourself stuck some where be cool don't be panic think and analyze. You just have to be little calculative and apply the method of eliminating. In multiple choice question there will be similar answers to make you confuse you need to be alert while choosing the answer. While studying for all these months you have to sacrifice something to gain success. So don't lose heart since it will pay you in the way you desire and deserve.


It is very important for you to be confident while attempting the GMAT exam and confidence will only come with good GMAT PREP. This will help you in completing the exam smoothly. Cool attitude will also help you in thinking and analyzing wisely. Be positive and it will help you in improving your performance. A high score will depend on your GMAT PREP . Earning your highest possible score will further depend on your preparation for your actual testing day For success in these exams students need thinking strategies, timing strategies, organizing strategies, strategies for anxiety and a strongly structured study plan. Systematic and proper planning is required for high scoring in GMAT.

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