The Graduate Management Admission Test i.e. GMAT is the entrance exam for MBA programs. It is an important test of the applicant and requires careful preparation and practice. Most commonly, practice is a learning process, the act of rehearsing a behavior repeatedly, or engaging in an activity again and again for the purpose of improving, as it says 'Practice makes a man perfect' Most students need six to twelve months of intensive study and GMAT practice for the exam. You should take the GMAT at least three to four months prior to submitting the scores to various colleges; allow time for a retest if required.

Success in the GMAT is dependent on many factors such as academic preparation and commitment to GMAT practice. GMAT is a challenging examination. It tests a student's verbal reasoning, quantitative abilities, and analytical writing skills under time pressure. Students who have done GMAT practice in advance have a tremendous advantage over their lesser-prepared counterparts. GMAT practice test is a unique tool for students, specifically designed to test their exam preparation. Your GMAT scores depend on your knowledge and familiarity with the exam and the familiarity can only come with the GMAT practice. Read all the instructions before attempting GMAT practice test. Attempting GMAT practice test is not enough. You have to spend time to analyze performance. If your score in GMAT practice test is very poor you need to brush up the fundamentals again and again.

Importance of GMAT practice test

  • With the help of practice GMAT tests, you can experience sitting at a computer in a high stress situation.
  • With the help of adaptive algorithm you will practice answering questions for the CAT.
  • You will come to know what to expect from yourself in that three and a half 'four hour testing session.
  • You will be able to write and express your thoughts more effectively.
  • You will experience the real feel of GMAT
  • You will learn how to eliminate the wrong choices and choose the correct one.

The two main skills one needs to be good at are English grammar and mathematics. In analytical writing you have to type essays. If you are not good at typing you need to practice this aspect also. Type it on a computer so that you can increase your typing speed, and learn how to gather your thoughts and express them in a systematic manner. The basic skill is to gather the main points and decide the structure of the essay before you start it. In mathematics you will have to devote time to questions based on algebra, arithmetic, geometry, and data analysis. GMAT Practice includes all the fundamental formulas you have studied so far, practice problems related to fractions, square roots, problems in angles, percentage problems, and equations.

Generally, there will be two similar options to confuse you and you have to be very attentive while choosing one, but with the regular attempt of GMAT practice test you will be able to eliminate the wrong one. You should practice english as you shall require good vocabulary to be able to perform well in english verbal section. Practice sentence structures, grammatical mistakes and the style conventions. Take as many GMAT practice test as you can. The more practice you get the more familiar you will be with the content.

GMAT practice tests are very important especially because of time constraints. GMAT practice tests take a lot of time especially if you take a full length exam. You will get plenty of practice questions. You will not be learning through them you will be trying to finish them in time, perhaps you will miss some questions. In last just go through them again and review. With this you will come to know exactly how it feels to work against time and to skip questions when necessary. Basically this aspect of the preparation is always to learn the key areas and the tricks of the content. So, that you can possibly finish the GMAT within the time.

I strongly recommend that you practice problems till you feel confident that you will not answer any of the problem wrongly. In the beginning you will do a lot of mistakes. This will make you stressed and you may not feel good about the GMAT practice test experience. At that time think that what you are doing is rehearsing the problems and by doing so you are able to know your weak points. With repeated GMAT practice you will be familiar with the format, questions and the level of difficulty. The most important aspect of your GMAT practice should be to learn as much content as you can apply to the GMAT.

There are many GMAT practice tests available in the market or on the net.The GMAT practice test are available as true as GMAT and give a fair knowledge of computer adaptive test. Taking two full length practice tests within the 2-4 weeks time span before your test date will help you a lot. This will give you a real picture of your preparation. Hence, you should spend the rest of your time in practice. This will help you in overcoming your mistakes. GMAT Practice tests will provide the opportunity to see all possible question types of all the levels of difficulty. You will come to know the scores immediately and you will receive an analysis of your strengths and weakness. You will get a general idea of your preparation.

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