A Comparison Between GMAT and GRE

GMAT or GRE: Which One Is More Suitable for You?

GRE and GMAT are both very prominent names when we talk about aptitude tests that allow one to get admissions into high repute graduate colleges and courses; and it is normally seen that candidates feel confused between these two tests due to their similarities. When we are talking about these tests the scores of which are widely accepted by graduate schools across the globe, both have similar sections to check the Verbal, Quantitative and Analytical abilities of the candidates and also have similar test patterns.

Nevertheless, they cannot be placed on the same pedestal despite their similarities as there is a world of differences between them. When deciding which test to take, one should have a few things in mind on the basis of which the tests differ from each other.

  • Field of Interest

    The candidates should analyze which field or stream they want to stick to in their future and then only can they arrive at a decision. GRE is a test designed to validate the skills of the candidates for general courses. The scores of this test can be used while seeking admission into courses related to humanities, psychology, computer sciences etc. Although, it is a separate case if GRE candidates take the subject tests also.

    In case of GMAT, it is a test designed by management experts to validate the skills of candidates for admission into management and business courses. It tests the critical thinking of candidates which is a prerequisite in the field of management. Even though the new pattern of GRE also adapts these features to a great extent, GMAT scores are demanded by various management and business graduate schools when the candidates approach them for admissions.

    If the candidate desires to take up studies in the field of management and business, the choice should be in favour of GMAT. But if the aim is not for business specially, then one can go ahead with GRE.

  • Graduate School Requirements

    The requirement of the graduate schools in which the candidate aims to seek admission is also a criterion. There are graduate schools that accept only GMAT scores while giving admission to candidates into their business courses, but one can also find schools that give equal weightage to GMAT and GRE scores. One should try to acquire complete knowledge of these facts and then choose which test to take accordingly.

  • Candidate’s Location and Financial Resources

    Another factor is the situation of the candidate. It should be known that GMAT is available in comparatively less locations across the globe when we compare it to the number of GRE test centres. This makes taking GRE easier and more convenient than GMAT as candidates of the former can find a test centre close by easily. Before deciding to take these tests, one should consider this factor well.

    Along with this, it is necessary to bear in mind that the cost of taking GRE is about half as much as that for the GMAT exam. The fee variation being so much, one should look into the financial resources and the capacity to spend money and then only decide in favour of either of these tests.

  • Personal Capabilities

    Before taking a firm decision to take either of these exams, one should know about the difference in their difficulty levels. GRE, being a general test does not demand a higher level of intelligence as does the GMAT, as it is a test designed for validating specific skills. Though it is not a pleasant experience to validate one’s capability to face a test, one should prepare on the grounds of knowledge and reasoning abilities when thinking about taking the GMAT.

The above listed factors are a few points of difference between the two tests and would certainly be of help to candidates when they decide which test to take in order to seek admission into the graduate schools of their choice.