Online Courses to Prepare for the GMAT

The Best GMAT Online Prep Courses

Getting admission into a top MBA program is a dream for many students and professionals. To achieve this dream, GMAT is quite clearly the gateway. Students from various backgrounds and situations would like to prepare for the test through different programs. For the aspirants who are working and cannot find enough time to attend a proper coaching/tutoring program, online coaching proves beneficial.

These courses are commonly available in lots of institutes that offer GMAT coaching programs. Apart from these, they are also available on different websites that exclusively handle GMAT. Although these courses are by no means a replacement for the actual tutoring programs, they do help a lot in case you need a short term course without dedicating a lot of time. There are several advantages of taking these courses-

  • Lot of flexibility in time, you can take it whenever and wherever it is convenient for you.
  • Access to hundreds of materials and sample tests online.
  • Instant analysis and interpretation of your results through online tools and dedicated software resources.
  • Latest info about all the happenings in the business world at your fingertips.
  • Chance to interact with experts/tutors as well as seniors.

Here are some of the famous online prep programs that you should consider taking-

  1. Princeton Review®:

    It is one of the best courses around and preferred by a majority of students. It offers the online courses in two modes, namely GMAT live online and GMAT online course. The essential difference between these two is that the former is a live lecture and the latter is a recorded tutorial. The GMAT live online course is advisable here since it takes place in a small group and you can get a lot of individual attention. The most important thing is that there are tutors available and this will help you with most of the problems in test preparation.

    Purely from statistics and the results that they have been able to produce, you can be sure that they provide the best instructors and an amazing environment. To get some more idea about the institute you can visit the link or read feedback on it from various forums.

  2. Kaplan test prep:

    Unlike Princeton, Kaplan concentrates a little more on its online courses rather than classroom courses. It offers two variations of online coaching -GMAT on demand and GMAT classroom anywhere. As evident from the name, GMAT on demand  is an online tutorial program available 24/7 on the web and you can register for it as and when you need it. The GMAT classroom anywhere is similar to Princeton’s GMAT live online program which works on a predefined schedule of live sessions online. You can access these courses as many times as you want by paying only once. For more details visit Kaplan’s website

  3. Manhattan Review®:

    Although it is not as big as Princeton or Kaplan in the online prep market, it does offer a decent course called Interactive online GMAT. This course comes with a live tutor, practice materials and online mock tests. Overall it is good package for those of you who don’t want to spend a lot of money on the course without compromising the quality.

  4. Vertitas Prep:

    This institute offers an online course called live online. It is a relatively average course but it comes with a huge amount of practice material and some good quality tutors. A unique feature of Veritas is that it offers downloadable applications for your mobile and computer. These include business related applications, mock tests, forums, deadlines etc. This feature will be available to you once you register for their programs. For more details you can check out the site

  5. GMAT club:

    This site is an excellent resource for GMAT preparation. The institutes mentioned above are all its members and they provide discounts to members of the GMAT club. Although there is no well defined online courses available here, there are many other resources that you should definitely make use of. These include forums, discussions, expert advice, mock tests, preparation materials etc.

    It has a complete analysis of top universities in the world and the programs they offer. It also has several admission consulting partners like Amerasia, Stacy Blackman, Precision Essay etc. Visit for more details.

  6. Beat the GMAT:

    It is known as the social network of MBA. It has a multitude of institutes like Princeton, Kaplan, Manhattan, Knewton etc. as its partners. These institutes offer a number of courses and preparation materials on this forum. Apart from these there is also a huge amount of data, articles, blogs, expert opinions, advices etc available on this forum. You can read up hundreds of success stories and experiences from people who have already taken the test. Visit for more details on Beat the GMAT.

These are some of the best online prep resources available in the market. It will be worth your investment to be a part of one or more of them. Some resources on GMAT club and Beat the GMAT are also available for free so you can make use of them depending on your requirement. Therefore, for those of you who are working and don’t find enough time for a regular classroom course, these are essential. All the best!!