Online Books for GMAT

Which GMAT Online Books Should You Consider?

The advance in technology has given education a whole new perspective. Although traditional methods of GMAT preparation exist, the new ways are more popular, simply because they are convenient for a candidate who is juggling many things at a time. Online books (e-books) are suitable because they are accessible anywhere, from your mobile or laptop/reader. Moreover, they are downloadable either for free or for a price. Since most e-books are offered online for no charges, they are an inexpensive prep resource. This article lists a few popular online books that will help you in your preparation.

4GMAT.COM Quant e-books

This site contains books for Math. The online books are segregated based on the different topics so that the concepts are easy to follow. These books provide detailed explanations of all the Math concepts with examples. Practice questions are also included in them. Although the books and the topics covered are comprehensive, there are a few limitations. The books are available at a price and are available for download only after payment. However, the download link is activated immediately on receipt of payment. Also, the book can be used only on the computer where the link has been activated, not on any other resource or medium. This book is available at:

Arco Master the GMAT

This book is available for download without any charges. Published by Thomson Peterson’s, it includes all the information that you may require. The book is categorized as follows:

  1. Part I covers the basics of GMAT; it describes the test and it's structure, the kind of questions you can expect, how to judge your level of preparedness for the test, study plans, and so on.
  2. Part II includes practice tests to diagnose your high and low points.
  3. Part III covers the concepts of Verbal Ability; it includes tips to answer questions on Reading Comprehension, sentence correction, and so on.
  4. Part IV describes the Quantitative Section. The other sections include practice tests with detailed explanations.
  5. The appendixes include information about writing winning applications for B-schools.

The book is user-friendly; it contains a mini table of contents in the form of a bulleted list at the beginning of each chapter to highlight the topics covered in the chapter. Each chapter ends with a summary that covers the main points from the chapter. Overall, it is a wholesome guide that covers all the aspects of GMAT. The Arco GMAT online book is available at:

GMAT-pill e-book

The best book that helps you prepare for GMAT in a month is “How to ace the GMAT in 1 month”. The book offers complete strategy on preparing for the test in addition to clearing concepts on verbal and quant sections. It includes a detailed 5-day plan for each section with time limits for every activity (including lunch). The book also provides general information about registering for the test and a detailed section on GMAT Psychology with timing strategies. For example, it explains how the exam is a test of your endurance and uses the metaphor of an athlete, the kind of things you should aim at (to answer each question within 2 minutes), and so on. The highlight of this book is the section on “How to do GMAT questions”. The chapter includes illustrations and explains how to focus on the question and select the right answer. This book includes step-by-step guide to solve questions for quantitative and verbal sections. It can be downloaded from:

Nova’s GMAT

This online book is another comprehensive e-book for GMAT preparation. Nova’s GMAT includes course material that is equivalent to a 2-month or 50-hour course. It provides strategies to crack the test. The book includes information on the techniques that examiners use to confuse the test-taker. It describes how to determine the type of question to be able to answer it. In addition to  vocabulary, the book also devotes a section to writing effective essays. This book can be purchased at a price from: