GMAT Official Guide- A Detailed Review

The GMAT, abbreviated for Graduate Management Admission Test, is an entrance test conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) to facilitate business schools of different countries such as USA, Australia, Canada, UK, India, China, France etc to select students into their management programs. It is attempted 2, 00,000 times per annum. Thus, you can imagine the kind of stiff competition you will have to get through to successfully secure admission. Achieving a good score in the GMAT will be characterized only by meticulous planning and great deal of hard work. You must put in a lot of effort to gain competence over all the sections of the GMAT.

There are many preparation modes available for you to prepare for GMAT. You can either attend some reputed tutorial class or prepare online from many sources available on the internet. You will have to carefully select a good GMAT preparation guide that could help you understand different concepts with ease and also could provide you with many strategic test taking tips. One such source is the GMAT og. GMAT og stands for GMAT official guide.

What is GMAT official guide?

The GMAT og is a series of books or online material published by the authorized GMAT administrators. The GMAT og is published by the GMAT administrators to help the GMAT aspirants understand and get a clear idea about the GMAT test structure and pattern. The GMAT og would provide you with many sample questions for your practice and also sample test papers for you to get acquainted with the actual GMAT test pattern.

The GMAT og publishes separate books for all the sections of the GMAT. They present you with hundreds of practice questions in order of difficulty, tests for your practice, many strategic test taking tips, and clear you of the misconceptions you might have.

The Official Guide for GMAT Review, 12th Edition is the latest GMAT og that includes all the sections of the GMAT. It comes with 300 new questions with answers explained. This book gives you a total of around 900 questions with each answer clearly explained; around 800 questions for your practice in order of difficulty, 270 sample essay topics which help improve your analytical writing skills. It also includes comprehensive quantitative and verbal section guidance. This GMAT og is priced at US $36.95. You can also get an online version of the book for only US $4.99. The online version is a mobile application which helps you to easily refer the book on the go.

The latest GMAT og for the Quantitative section is The Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review, 2nd Edition. The new edition consists of 75 new questions along with questions from 300 actual past GMAT tests. The problem solving and data sufficiency questions help you review your math fundamentals in the areas of Arithmetic, Algebra and other functional areas of Mathematics. The GMAT og to the quantitative section is priced at US $17.95.

The latest GMAT og for the Verbal section is The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review, 2nd Edition. This new edition GMAT og to Verbal section consists of questions from 300 actual past GMAT tests with 75 of them new ones. Different question models covering the reading comprehension, sentence correction and critical reasoning types are all given. The GMAT og to the verbal section is priced at US $17.95.

Apart from the GMAT official guides, there are many authorized publications from the official GMAT administrators for the benefit of GMAT aspirants. Some of them include online GMAT study pack, GMAT prep pack etc availing which you can improve your skill throughout the sections of the GMAT. Plan your preparation; buy a GMAT og and practice to achieve your goal.

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