The Official Website of GMAT

What are the features of the GMAT official website?

Creating a website today has almost become synonymous with having an email id. It has become increasingly simple to own a web portal, accommodate space in the World Wide Web and fill it up with inconsequential or irrelevant data. The difference although is made with authentic, relevant and valid content available on the web portal for readers/users access. That’s what the official website of GMAT contains. It has information which is relevant, authentic and of immense use to aspirants hoping to carve a future as managers after taking this exam. It contains data for aspirants who are planning to give the GMAT, articles on current topics regarding the test nd MBA programs, information on B-schools and an store to purchase study material and succeed at the GMAT. The website is truly every  aspirant’s final and best destination to find answers to all his questions.

As you log onto the home page welcomes you with an array of brightly coloured information tabs on the test, the main menu, news and information and stream of 4-5 articles on current trends of GMAT and related issues. There is also information available on helping aspirants choose the best B-school for themselves along with funding and aiding information.

Main menu of the Official Website

The main menu of this website has tabs like ‘Why B-School?’, ‘Schools and Programs’, ‘The GMAT’ and the ‘ Store’. Each of these tabs open into relevant and authentic data on the GMAT, its format, type of exam and ways to prepare for it. It has an online store called the Store, which has guide books, strategy books, CDs and downloadable study materials for students to purchase for their preparation.

Why B-School?

This tab opens into many topics which explain the reader the real meaning of joining a B-school and what it implies. Readers can learn about the benefits of a graduate business degree, meet and talk to business school alumni or read diverse stories on B-school experiences by a varied group of MBA professionals. The presence of such content on the website indicates the commitment it shows towards providing valid information to its readers.


This one helps students to register for GMAT from scratch, understand its requirements, prepare for it, sit for the test and it also helps them with their score evaluation and how they can provide those to the B-schools of their choice. Aspirants from China and Korea can also find information in their respective languages as it reaches out to them through ‘GMAT China’ and ‘GMAT Korea’. Those looking for current topics can do so at the GMAT blog and if you are a registered user then you can post your queries or thoughts as well. An important part of giving the exam would be to read the bulletin, which provides up-to-date information to aspirants about every single detail at

Schools & Programs

The website of GMAT not only contains information on how to ace the exam, but it also helps students choose a good B-school, apply for them and guides those with fund crunch for scholarships or aiding agencies which can help them achieve their dream of pursuing an MBA. There would be podcasts available on the website which would have first-hand experiences of students who have benefited from such information. Store

This one-of-a-kind store is for students, not only to prepare for GMAT but their careers in B-schools can be shaped through the interesting books and data available on sale. There are prep packages along with study packages for students pursuing MBA.

In this day and age of information technology, the need for apt and relevant information cannot be over-stressed. There is a world of information out there, and so it is usually the official websites that come to the rescue of the discerning reader. Such is also the case of GMAT which provides comprehensive information to an aspirant, and not only guides him/her through the course of taking up a graduate business degree but also encourages him/her to have faith in this decision which is assisted by several pertinent articles and write-ups.