Interrelationship Between MBA and GMAT

How does your MBA depend on GMAT

What is GMAT?

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is an aptitude exam administered primarily through a computer-adaptive format, testing your analytical skills, proficiency in verbal and English language so that you can get admission in a graduate business school. It helps you in boosting your career. The official website for GMAT gives you the acquisition, training and certificate to prepare for a promising career. The question paper contains three sections, namely the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA), the Quantitative and the Verbal tests. From 2012, GMAT will have a new format . It will have an additional section named Integrated Reasoning. This section tests your data interpretation skills from various sources. You may be asked to do a graphical interpretation, examine information and postulate your result based on them. However, there will be no amendments in the total time of the exam. Nevertheless, the analytical section will have one essay topic instead of two. This will accommodate the new Integrated Reasoning section in the GMAT.

The GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) administers the GMAT at about 530 test centers in over 110 countries. Check the GMAT bulletin for detailed information. Getting a degree of MBA is a perfect career that you may choose for your future. Your test score will be a determinant of your admission criteria in the business schools for your Masters of Business Administration (MBA).

What is MBA?

To get a master’s degree in business administration, one has to do the Masters of Business Administration (MBA). The MBA is a master’s course, which tends to appeal to candidates from varied educational backgrounds. The programs intend to make a scientific endeavor for the study of management. This course allows students to study business administration from various standpoints like accounting, finance, human resourcing, marketing, etc. You may either opt for completing a general business course or specialize and base 1/4th of your study in particular subjects. For admission, MBA programs accept your GMAT score along with other criteria like work experience, academic research works, testimonials or recommendation letters, community service background, etc. An MBA score has its own importance in your advanced business study. However, the business schools can also consider your GRE (Graduate Record Examination) score for an admission in their MBA course. It is for this basic reason that the GRE is widely accepted.

What is the link between GMAT and MBA?

A graduate business degree opens up a world of unlimited opportunities for you. The GMAT helps you achieve this goal of getting a business degree. Hence, MBA is intricately linked with GMAT in this regard. The exam tests your verbal skills, analytical perception and knowledge of arithmetic. These are some qualities, which the GMAT assists you in building. The graduate programs demand a thorough knowledge about these qualities, before offering admission for an MBA program. Hence, there is a concrete bond between GMAT and the MBA course program. You stand a better chance to get into business schools, if you take GMAT. The business schools target those candidates, whose scores as well as educational qualifications correspond to their programs and admission procedures.

GMAT results are valid for five years. It is for this reason that the admission officers at the B-schools can treat your score as a uniform measure of your capabilities and academic success. Firstly, they will consider your GMAT score and then decide to call you for general discussions and personal interview sessions. This is one good reason for which the test is significant. The test score also assesses verbal, quantitative and analytical skills, which are crucial for an upgraded and advanced study of business administration. Moreover, you might belong to any of the wide variety of streams or academic backgrounds. In this regard, GMAT assists in standardized evaluation of your skills. It checks only those aspects of the test takers that are necessary for an MBA course. Therefore, you must take the GMAT to get admission in MBA course. It is the best way of shaping your future.