GMAT math tutorial

Quantitative section of GMAT consists of very basic math like algebra, geometry, arithmetic, probability etc which you would have studied in your high school. The concepts are not difficult and scores in this section help students to get good percentile. Still test takers are scared of this section as they are out of touch with this section. Test pattern of this section is also very complicated. You have to complete 37 questions in 75 minutes. You have 2 minutes for each question. Difficulty level of the questions also keep changing along with your answers. Like other sections, here also you can not skip a question neither can you go back to double check your answer. Along with the guidance in preparation for the exam, you also need strategies for taking the exam. That is where GMAT math tutorial is required. GMAT math tutorials help you in preparation for the quantitative section as well as give you various tips to take the exam.

GMAT math tutorials take you through the basic mathematics required for the quantitative section of the GMAT and also teach you the advanced topics of math. GMAT math tutorials cover common question types, word problems, data sufficiency, exponential's, ratios and percentages etc. and the techniques and tricks you can use to answer these questions accurately and efficiently. You are not allowed to use a calculator in the GMAT so knowledge of fractions is absolutely essential if you are to succeed in the quantitative section of the GMAT. GMAT math tutorials explain the basic formulas with the help of graphics. Apart from your studies for math section, you should also concentrate on the strategies to solve the questions in less time. GMAT math tutorials help you in time management and increasing your speed. These tutorials give a lot of practice questions which make you accustomed to the formulas and techniques.

If you find GMAT math questions difficult and complex, the problem is most likely with your approach, and not your ability to solve the problems. GMAT math tutorials teach you how to translate complicated problems into simple math equations, more efficiently and in less time. The GMAT quantitative section is not a test of your knowledge in mathematics. Rather, it tests your ability to solve the problems. Therefore, calculus or other advanced math topic is not included in GMAT math section. The high school math knowledge is sufficient to answer a typical GMAT math question.

Practice is the key to master GMAT math. If you want to score high marks in math, you should try to take a lot of practice questions and sample tests. There is no alternative to practice. GMAT math tutorials take care of this thing and make you practice a lot. Some GMAT math tutorials also give you your personalized report cards with specific advice to you to improve your scores. Practice makes you efficient in all the techniques that you would have learnt in GMAT math tutorials and you can apply these tips and tactics in the test.

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