GMAT Math Review and GMAT Essay Review

GMAT(Graduate Management Assessment test) is required to be taken by the students who are looking forward to admission in top international business schools in the world. This exam is conducted by GMAC. GMAT is basically a test of a candidate's verbal ability, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing skills. GMAT is a very important criteria for admission in business schools. High GMAT scores are very important to get admission in a business school of your choice. So it will be better if you start your preparations quiet systematically to maximize your GMAT scores.

GMAT is a computer based test. In verbal and math section, multiple choice questions are asked. Their difficulty level keeps on changing. These questions are adjusted according to the candidate's ability. To score good marks in GMAT, your GMAT math review and GMAT essay review plan must be very well planned. GMAT math review and GMAT essay review shall help you score high since math is a scoring subject and essay writing techniques can be mastered with a little practice. You should plan your GMAT math review and GMAT essay review according to the syllabus prescribed for that particular year. We will discuss GMAT math review and GMAT essay review in detail.

GMAT Math Review

GMAT math is a test of the mathematics which you have learnt in your school. It is very basic math. Normally students are scared of math test because of the test pattern of the exam. Though concepts in itself are not very difficult and students find this section easy, but to get a high score is not an easy task. It depends on how you plan your GMAT math review. Your GMAT math review should be based on basic mathematics and elementary concepts which you have learnt over the years of formal education like Arithmetic, Algebra, and Geometry, Permutation, Probability, Standard Deviation.

In this section there are two types of questions-Problem solving and Data sufficiency. You have to solve 37 questions in 75 minutes. This section is marked on a scale of 0-60 points. Test scores of math section play an important role in your total score, hence, in getting admission in a good and reputed business school. The GMAT math section is not about testing your knowledge in math, it tests your ability to solve questions. In math section, you have almost 2 minutes for each question. Therefore when you are reviewing your GMAT math, along with your studies, you should also concentrate on the test taking strategies. You should have a fair idea of speed and time management. Your GMAT math review should include lots of practice tests. These practice tests will improve your speed and will give you an additional confidence.

There are various sources for GMAT math review in the market like preparation books, GMAT math review course, online study materials etc, which can help you in starting your GMAT math review. All these sources can help you in strengthening your basics and learning various test taking techniques like elimination and substitution. These preparation materials provide you a lot of practice tests which help you to increase your processing speed, and also identify the type of problems that you take more time to solve. Once you identify your weak areas, you can improve them.

GMAT Essay Review

This section is analytical writing assessment section. This section is a subjective section. This section tests student's writing and analyzing skills. In this section you have to write two essays. The first essay is issue based, and the second essay is argument based. To review GMAT essay section, you should get into the habit of organizing your thoughts logically on every topic that you face in your daily routine. Before you start your GMAT essay review, you should be aware of the scoring pattern of essays. Each essay in this section has a time limit of 30 minutes. Marking is done on the scale of 0 to 6 with a minimum increment of .5 point. Both the essays are read and marked by two readers, one human and one computer. Then the average of four scores is considered. Total score of GMAT does not include analytical writing section scores as its scoring pattern is very different from the other two sections. But your GMAT score report displays score for analytical section.

While reviewing GMAT essays, you should try to discuss and write on different topics. You should try to divide your essay into three sections- introduction, content and conclusion. Your GMAT essay review should include a lot of practice. This will improve your ability to organize your logics. You should try to write your essays in timed conditions. That will take care of the speed in the exam. If you feel that your typing speed also needs attention, then you should try to practice using a computer.

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