GMAT Math Formulas

GMAT Math Formulas you cannot do without

In the GMAT Quantitative Section, you will have to solve 37 multiple-choice questions in 75 minutes in a computer adaptive test. The questions are of two different types: Problem Solving and Data Interpretation. For success in this section, knowledge of GMAT math formulas is crucial.

What are GMAT Math Formulas?

GMAT math formulas are no different from other math formulas that one comes across. The only difference that comes forth is the range of formulas. If you pick up any test prep book, you’ll find the initial few chapters devoted to explaining the syllabus of the exam. It is from this syllabus for the GMAT that we draw our ideas of GMAT math formulas. There are some concepts that are not asked in GMAT while they are given importance in school education and vice-versa. Hence, prudence lies is going though the syllabus to decide what formulas classify as GMAT math formulas.

Where to get GMAT Math Formulas

One of your initial sources of GMAT math formulas is the GMATPrep Software itself. There is no other free source from the makers of GMAT, which can supply you more information than this software can for GMAT preparation. Browse through the subsections, which are Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Word Problems of the Math Review in the software to understand the range of topics covered in the GMAT. Corresponding descriptions shall give you an idea of GMAT math formulas that you need to collect. The Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review should be your next bet if you are ready to make a purchase. Of course, there are other preparation books and software for which you don’t have to spend a dime, but there is no guarantee that they furnish you with absolute content; they could emphasise on unnecessary details to make their content seem more competitive and wholesome.

Why are GMAT Math Formulas Important?

The concept of accurate formulas is unique to calculations in mathematics. These formulas remain unchanged through time, as they do not depend on changes in society, environment, growth, loss or other such variables. It is this quality of math formulas that makes them applicable to a variety of problems. Math formulas for one topic can be applied to different problems from a variety of topics. Hence, each of the GMAT math formulas gains more importance than is obvious.

Strange as it may sound, each problem in math can be solved purely on the basis of concepts without the application of any formula. However, formulas are like tools that help you arrive at the correct answer without having to go back to the basics. GMAT math formulas make calculations easier and you save on time.

How to utilize GMAT Math Formulas

For making the best use of GMAT math formulas, you should follow the following guidelines.

  1. Make a list of all the GMAT math formulas in one place. There should be one long list in which you categorize the formulas as per the topics.
  2. Memorize the GMAT math formulas while keeping in mind what the short forms stand for. You should memorize these GMAT math formulas and practice math problems side-by-side, instead of learning all GMAT math formulas before and applying them later to problems.
  3. The real challenge does not lie in memorizing GMAT math formulas but in understanding where they are to be applied. This is particularly significant in the word problems. At times two or more GMAT math formulas need to be applied to arrive at a solution.
  4. Remember that there shall be some GMAT math formulas in your list that are not used often. Nonetheless, you should learn such formulas as well. At times knowledge and application of such GMAT math formulas are decisive in competition.
  5. At times it is not required that all the forms of the GMAT math formulas be learnt. For instance, you need not learn how to calculate the speed when distance and time are given if you are aware of the formula for calculating the distance when speed and time are given. You can work around one formula to obtain its other forms.

Here are some Important GMAT Math Formulas

gmat formula 1
gmat formula 2

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