Essential Features Of GMAT Study Materials

GMAT Materials on the Internet

Preparation for an exam like GMAT needs adequate thought and time, more so if you are planning on depending solely on materials available through the internet. Study with the help of these aids, which you can purchase or download for free, needs acute attention and focused devotion, as you would be your sole guide during preparation. Many kinds of resources are available to aspirants, like prep guides, reference books, practice tests, CDs and DVDs, online instructional videos, prep software, test scoring services and diagnostic tools and AWA prep tools, to list a few.

Books and Prep Guides

Professional prep industry names like the Manhattan GMAT and Veritas Prep offer online stores on their websites for aspirants to purchase any kind of prep material that they desire. The list is endless, ranging from prep books, strategy guides, online practice exams and books on MBA admissions as well. The prices of these resources also vary from a few dollars to quite a hefty amount, keeping in mind the budgets of different students. Veritas Prep takes it up by one notch and offers the ‘scratch paper’ and pens on sale, just like the ones GMAC provides on the day of the test. You can check it out at . The Princeton Review too has an online store on its website where aspirants can purchase study materials; it can be reached at . The official website although, remains a favourite with most aspirants, because what better than the ‘horse’s mouth’ when it comes to gaining information and guides for preparation? The website has some very relevant data for test preparation, something that aspirants will find extremely beneficial. Apart from its online store, the ‘ Store’ gives access to students to authentic retired papers, diagnostic tools and prep tools for different sections of the test. Hard copies of the Official GMAT Guide can be purchased here along with online prep tools like GMAT Write™ which help students improve their writing skills. See this information at

Virtual GMAT Materials

Apart from ordering and purchasing books, guides and test materials online aspirants can also benefit from many virtual resources, in case they do not want to burden themselves with book loads etc. Virtual prep material can include anything from online tests, practice sheets, flash cards, instructional videos, CDs and DVDs. These are available usually free of cost, but the depth and coverage of relevant content may vary as opposed to the hard copies of practice materials ordered and purchased online. These virtual materials often act as supplementary study materials for aspirants., a popular website providing online courses and guidelines for aspirants has a good range of computer adaptive tests, score analysis and online Math & Verbal prep guide at a reasonable price, as it claims to be the most affordable test prep site. You can have a look at these materials at and . Other prep materials like DVDs and CDs are available with prep guides or can be ordered online along with study courses at

A Parting Shot

To be sure of the kind of study material you plan to use and prepare from, do read up on forums and clubs and participate in group discussions on them to gain a better insight into the kinds of study aids being used by aspirants all over the world. This may either increase your faith in the books you plan to use, or it may educate you further on things you need to take into account before selecting guides to prepare from. An interesting link on a GMAT forum you can look up is