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GMAT Preparation Material That You Cannot Do Without The Internet is inundated with preparatory GMAT material. In such circumstances, it can be overwhelming for you to choose the correct GMAT material that will be effective in your preparation. This article aims to provide you with information about some of the necessary GMAT material you cannot do without.


Books are the most popular amongst the available GMAT material. They are your indispensable source of knowledge for preparing for GMAT. Although there are numerous options available in the market, you must ensure that you select the right books to guide you in your preparation. Books are available in two formats: hard copy and online book or e-book. Sites, such as and, usually stock GMAT material in the form of hard copies; for example, The Official Guides, Kaplan, Manhattan GMAT, and so on.

Online GMAT Resources

The next popular GMAT materials used to prepare for GMAT are sourced from the Internet. The Internet is a popular, convenient way to access information. Starting from registering online to taking tutorial classes, talking to experts and downloading information, the Internet is the perfect medium that equips you with all the information about GMAT. The following is an indicative list of preparatory materials available on the Internet:

  1. Kaplan: The Kaplan course uses its Adaptive Learning Technology to offer its courses irrespective of your location. You can choose from Kaplan’s classroom courses, online courses, or its private tutoring offering. To enrol for a course, Kaplan recommends that you have a score of 600+ in a previous attempt or in its diagnostic test. The live online courses are convenient, especially if you are working because you can access the course from any location (all you need is an Internet connection) and it allows you the flexibility to choose your schedule. The feather in the cap is the “free make-up sessions” that Kaplan allows. This means that if you miss a session, you can avail that lecture on demand. Kaplan also provides you with a plethora of GMAT material, such as the Kaplan GMAT Course Book, its pocket reference guide, and a copy of the Official Guide. Kaplan courses are available at
  2. Princeton: The Princeton review website includes GMAT material that is customized based on your requirements. The Princeton suite of products offers you many options for preparing, such as online classes, private tutoring, classroom courses and so on. In case you do not want to enrol in any of the courses, Princeton provides you the option of self-preparation using their GMAT material. You can purchase a wide range of books from the bookstore starting from general to the specific. The link to the website is
  3. Manhattan: Manhattan provides one of the best GMAT materials to prepare for GMAT. It is considered as one of the toughest courses in the GMAT prep field. Manhattan boasts of a group of highly trained GMAT experts who undergo rigorous process in order to be instructors to GMAT aspirants. The Manhattan course prides itself for its curriculum because it does not inculcate strategies to prepare for GMAT. Rather, it focuses on firm foundation and uses a structured methodology to attempt each type of question appearing in GMAT. The method is targeted towards strengthening the concepts and is the one of the most effective courses available. The courses are available at
  4. Veritas: In comparison to other GMAT courses, Veritas’ courses are of a longer duration. This is because the concepts are explained from the basic level to the advanced levels. Also, more hours are devoted to preparation, which ensures a rigorous preparation. Although more expensive than other courses, there are many features in Veritas that other courses do not offer. For example, repeat courses and course availability in multifarious locations. Also, the number of computer adaptive tests is more. The link to the Veritas GMAT material is
  5. Grockit: Grockit’s e-gmat course has more than 2000 practice questions in addition to its 5 full-length GMAT CAT tests. The software used in the e-gmat course allows you to identify your strengths and weaknesses as well as track your progress. You can interact with other candidates preparing for the exam to compare scores or notes. You can also select a section and the level of difficulty for answering questions, for example, Verbal ability. The link to the e-gmat course is The official website for the Grockit course is
  6. Knewton: Knewton’s GMAT prep course includes a huge repository of GMAT questions that enables you to practise as much as you can. The course aims to provide a comprehensive GMAT prep strategy for candidates who cannot devote much time for preparation. The course guarantees an increased score of more than 50 marks. The highlight of this course is that you can access it anywhere according to your convenience. More information is available at the following website:

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