GMAT Info that You Should Not Miss

A high score in GMAT is important as it maximizes your chances to be accepted in the top business schools. Before formulating a plan for the preparation of GMAT, it is important to know what GMAT is all about. Without complete and correct GMAT information, it would not be wise to start preparing. Thus, it is imperative to know all the relevant information regarding GMAT.

  • GMAT Test Pattern:

    It is essential to know the correct GMAT info for the test pattern. GMAT test is a computer adaptive test that adjusts to your skills as you take it. The test is comprised of questions of different levels of difficulty with the harder questions carrying more points. If you answer a question correctly, the next question comes from a pool of questions of increased difficulty. In case you answer a question incorrectly, the next question is an easier one. Thus, the computer chooses questions according to your level of skill. There is no option to go back to a question or skip a question without answering it.

  • GMAT Sections:

    The GMAT consists of three sections – verbal section, quantitative section and analytical writing assessment section. The verbal and quantitative sections consist of multiple choice questions and each question carries a different score depending on its level of difficulty. The verbal section contains multiple choice questions on critical reasoning, sentence correction and reading comprehension. The score in the verbal section ranges from 0 - 60 points. The quantitative section contains multiple choice questions on problem solving and data sufficiency. The score in the quantitative section ranges from 0 – 60 points. The analytical writing assessment consists of two essays and is scored between 0 - 6 points. It is advisable to understand the GMAT info pertaining to the sections before proceeding to the practice tests.

  • GMAT Exam Date:

    As GMAT is conducted round the year at select centers all over the world, the choice of the exam date is up to the candidate. It is advisable to first check with the application deadline dates of the colleges you wish to apply to. While it may not be necessary to apply with the GMAT scores, it is always better to do so. It takes almost 15 days for the GMAT scores to reach you after the test has been taken. Ideally, GMAT should be taken well in advance to ensure a smooth process for your all important college application. It is imperative to know the complete GMAT info on exam dates before booking one.

  • Test Centers:

    GMAT is conducted all over the world in some select centers round the year. These select centers are the permanent centers and are situated in almost all major cities of the world. Apart from the permanent centers, the GMAT exam is also conducted in other authorized centers. However, these centers may conduct the GMAT exam on certain dates instead of the whole year round. It is recommended to choose a GMAT center closer to you to avoid travelling for the GMAT exam. The complete GMAT info including the list of centers is available on the official website.

  • GMAT Registration:

    GMAT registration can be done on the official website:


      The current cost for the GMAT is USD 250. The GMAC accepts personal checks, money orders and all major credit cards. Before you register for the test, it is important to choose the date and time carefully. It is advisable that you plan in advance for the test so that you have ample time left to pay complete attention to the other requirements of your business school application. You should select the time of day for the test which best suits you. It is important to stay relaxed and focused on the day of the GMAT exam to score well. All relevant GMAT info should be researched well before the registration is completed.

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