The Ultimate GMAT Help Source

What is GMAT?

GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test. It is an entrance test administered worldwide to help students in securing admissions into world class business schools/management programs in different countries across the world. It is administered as a computer adaptive test everywhere except in the places where there are no adequate computing facilities available. In such places, it is administered as a paper based test. The test scores are accepted by almost 1500+ business schools worldwide. Hence, you will have to face a stiff competition to get through this exam. The exam primarily concentrates on testing your aptitude as well as English language proficiency.

There are altogether three sections in the test. They are the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) section, Quantitative section and the Verbal section. The assessment is evaluated for a total score of 800. There are many sources available for you to get the maximum guidance.

How to Prepare for it?

Your preparation for the test must be meticulously planned and must be implemented with dedication. You will have to acquire all the help and guidance that you can get from the internet or any mentor pertaining to the information regarding the participating business schools, the scores they accept and the best preparation modes. You can also refer to the official website for any information that you would require in this regard. You must plan to take your test so that your scores would be announced before the joining dates of the business school of your interest.

Then, you must focus on your preparation. You must first get a clear idea of the syllabus and then take a diagnostic test to understand your performance levels, your strengths and weaknesses. Then, you must choose a tutorial if needed or plan yourself if you wish to study by yourself. The guidance offered by a tutorial would however be of more use.

How to Score High in it?

A high score in the GMAT is what every aspirant desires to achieve. As we know, the test is evaluated for a total of 800. A score between 650 and 700 is considered a pretty good score. However, there are test takers who achieve scores as high 750. Hence, if you are targeting to be in the top-notch, then you will have to strategically plan your preparation and work out with commitment.

  • A good coaching institute would offer you an instrumental guidance to score high.
  • Then it depends upon you. How well you use the advice and teaching you are provided with to score high.
  • The best means to score high is practice. Taking as many practice tests as you can will help you improve your test taking abilities thus making you to eventually score high.
  • Reviewing your test performance is as important as taking the test. You must review every test you take to know your mistakes and then try not to repeat them.

The Ultimate GMAT Help Source

There would be nothing as an ultimate source in the process of your preparation. Every resource has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some may be good in providing you with test papers for practice while others could be helpful for gaining conceptual knowledge. So, it depends upon your requirement.

  • Good classroom coaching would be the first in the list of good sources.
  • They provide you study materials, doubt clarification sessions and practice tests as well. You can have an organized and planned preparation here.
  • Internet is obviously a great place to find everything in regards to your preparation. If you wish to study by self, then you must follow some good prep book for your preparation.