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Prepare for GMAT through the Best GMAT Study Guides

Every GMAT aspirant strives hard for achieving a high score in the GMAT. Without the right planning and good preparation materials, you may not achieve your targeted score no matter how much effort you put into your preparation. There are many good GMAT guides available in the market for enhancing your preparation strategies. There are many competitive publishing houses churning out many GMAT guides with new questions and practice tests for the benefit of the students. Good GMAT prep book covers the entire GMAT syllabus by providing some strategic test tips and questions for your practice. But, you must choose the GMAT guides that meet your requirements depending upon your performance levels. You might be good at attempting Quantitative section considering you are from a mathematics background. But if you cannot perform well in the Verbal section, then that is your weakness. You must select an appropriate GMAT guide that would help you get through your weakness.

Preparation through the Best GMAT guides

As already said, perfect GMAT guides might not be available for your preparation. You might need more than one GMAT guide for your GMAT preparation. The following points explain to you how to use a GMAT guide to enhance your preparation.

  • Good GMAT guides provide you with practically applicable strategic tips or shortcuts in order to approach problems which help in reducing the time consumption.
  • GMAT guides provide you with many test papers for practice to help you understand the actual test format of the GMAT.
  • They provide you an overall test prep support which help in your skill development, time management and high score achievement.

Kaplan GMAT Guides

Kaplan is a world renowned prep book publisher for many competitive examinations. They also have decades of successful publishing fame concerning the GMAT preparation. The unique quality of their GMAT guides is that they provide you extensive subject knowledge as well concentrating on improving the test taker’s test taking skills. Kaplan’s GMAT guides are authored by expert prep gurus in a way that best satisfies the needs of any GMAT aspirants. Their books are preferred by students who aim at scoring more than 700 in GMAT. Kaplan’s GMAT guides mostly concentrate on high difficulty questions.

The Princeton Review’s Cracking the GMAT

The Princeton Review is another leading prep book publisher for competitive exams. Their Cracking the GMAT is very famous in the GMAT aspirants’ circles. This book is all about providing as many test taking tips and techniques as possible for the students to score high. It also consists of 200 practice questions with their explanations provided. Though, this book might not be sufficient to score exceptionally high, yet it best serves as a beginner’s guide for your preparation. You will also be provided with a CD along with the book to get acquainted with the computer adaptive test environment.

GMAT-CAT by Arco

The GMAT-CAT by Arco is one of the best GMAT guides that help in sharpening your essay writing skills. This book provides you with extensive examples in this regard. Especially for English non-native students, this book is very helpful in honing their writing skills and helping them score high in the Analytical Writing Assessment section. If you feel that your writing style is not up to the mark, then this one is surely for you. You may not read the whole book but concentrating on some of the essays very patiently will help you get over this weakness.

Barron’s GMAT

Barron’s How to Prepare for the GMAT is also a good GMAT guide that can help you improve your English language proficiency. This prep book provides you with a diagnostic test for your self assessment and five full length practice test papers with answers explained for your practice. The CD which comes along will help you understand the computer adaptive test.

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