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Graduate Management Admission Test is a computer adaptive test known as GMAT CAT. GMAT is the deciding element for the acceptance of your application for MBA programs in all US schools of management. Students who want to take admission in US schools of MBA programs have to undergo the GMAT test. Managements of MBA schools will give admission based on your GMAT scores. Along with your undergraduate grades, your score in the GMAT determines your academic ability for getting admission in a US school of management. For a high score in GMAT you need to select your mode of preparation. You can either buy books or prepare on your own or you can take the help of some coaching institute. Even online coaching is available which includes online classes and presentations. Online coaching is the easiest way available for GMAT preparation, but if you plan to prepare on your own then you should buy good books available in the market for GMAT preparation. Before investing in a book go through the curriculum in the book. Buy full course GMAT books, which lay equal emphasis on all sections of GMAT.

Whatever mode of preparation is chosen by you, one basic book you need to have for good preparation as the GMAT guide. There are various GMAT guides available in the market, which you can buy for your preparation of the exam. GMAT guide should be your cornerstone while preparing for GMAT as this is the only GMAT material that features old and real GMAT questions from the previous test papers. You must refer Kaplan's, Peterson's, Manhattan's, Princeton's edition and GMAT Official Guide which you can even order from the official web site of GMAT. There are many editions of the Official Guide for GMAT review but the latest is 11th edition. Other than official GMAT guide, many other publishers have also taken out their editions of GMAT guide.

GMAT guide not only provides you with the old and real questions asked in the previous test papers but also guides you on the correct way of attempting the questions. GMAT guide also provides you with the answers for the questions asked in previous test papers so that you can reason for yourself the correct mode of answering.

How to Choose a Good GMAT Guide

Since there are a number of GMAT guides available in the market as well as on the internet it is a difficult task for a student to select the best out of the lot available. A good GMAT guide not only gives the standard tips and techniques for answering the questions but also focuses on fundamentals. Since there can't be shortcuts and techniques for all different types of GMAT questions, it's better not to rely entirely on techniques, but focus on the fundamentals as well. A student with strong fundamentals will easily develop his skills far more efficiently than a student with weak fundamentals. A good GMAT guide makes the concepts easy to understand and builds upon fundamentals.

The GMAT guide should have loads of practice questions and practice tests to prepare you well before you take the GMAT. It would be better to have a separate GMAT guide for each section of the GMAT test namely the verbal section, the quantitative section, and the analytical writing assessment section. There are a number of GMAT guides available separately for the three sections. Having a separate GMAT guide for each section will provide you with more questions from the previous papers and more solved examples. Thus it will help you to practice more on each section and tone your skills for answering questions in the limited time frame.

There are also GMAT guides available separately for each sub section of the GMAT exam. However, the deciding element in selection of your GMAT guide should be the time available to you before the exam. If there is sufficient time for you to go through all the GMAT guides for each subsection before your exam then you can go ahead with buying the GMAT guides for all the subsections. Nevertheless, if the time is limited then you can buy separate GMAT guides for only the three sections of the GMAT exam.

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