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GMAT Forums that Can Help You Prepare

GMAT is one of the most challenging entrance tests around the world. It is also a key to get into any of the top MBA programs. Preparing for this test isn’t like preparing for any other test because it is not at all intuitive. There are several tips and tricks involved that you will only get from an experienced tutor or from one other students preparing for the test. Although preparing with friends cannot be regarded as a replacement for a good tutor, it is still advisable aspirants form a group or join a forum where they can discuss issues and problems while preparing for the test.

Being a part of a group will give you a lot of benefits, some of them are mentioned here-

  • A place to meet professionals from the business world as well as seniors, who have taken the test already.
  • A platform to share lots of experiences and read about others' experiences.
  • Discuss your doubts and fears regarding all aspects of the test.
  • Discuss strategies for each section and specific problems that will help you in solving them faster and with greater accuracy.
  • Post your own experiences and suggestions so that other aspirants can learn from them.
  • All the latest information will be available at your fingertips. The latest dates, format changes, blogs, mock tests, strategies and preparation tools will be accessible whenever you need them.
  • As with a proper tutoring program, there are no timing restrictions here. You can access the information whenever you find time.
  • Build contacts with people from different backgrounds all over the world. This will help you a lot even after you have taken the test.

With all these benefits at your disposal, it will be wise to join one or more forums that are available online. Your selection should be based on the features and tools that the forum offers. Another thing is the quality of members in that forum, having a look at the member database is essential to differentiate between the types of groups you want to join. This will give you an immediate idea on the quality. If you are still not sure, you can try a demo at the forum for a few days, if you don’t think it is up to the mark, leave it!

Here is a review of some of the best discussion panels available on the web-


It is a worldwide network that offers you hundreds of features and tools. The main features are as follows-

  • It is a host to hundreds of active discussions, expert advices, university updates, latest strategies and much more.
  • It offers several attractive discounts on preparation courses wit Manhattan, Kaplan, Veritas etc. for its members.
  • Has a complete analysis of top universities in the world and the programs they offer. It also has several admission consulting partners like Amerasia, Stacy Blackman, Precision Essay etc.

For more details about the packages on offer you can visit the following website:

Beat the GMAT

It is also known as the MBA social network. It has a multitude of institutes like Princeton, Kaplan, Manhattan, Knewton etc. as its partners. These institutes offer a number of courses and preparation materials on this forum. Apart from these, there is also a huge amount of data, articles, blogs, expert opinions, advices etc available on this forum. You can read hundreds of success stories and experiences from people who have already taken the test.

It also comes with the latest news and updates on MBA programs, latest research and admission process details. It will be well worth your investment. For further info visit the website

GMAT Score

They provide cutting edge computer adaptive testing. Their expertise lies in designing mock tests and question banks of excellent quality. They also interpret and analyze all the tests through computer based interaction and live online tutorials. Those of you who want to attempt mock tests regularly and analyze them critically should definitely join this forum.

They also have a faculty of experts who help design these tests and adapt according to the needs of the aspirant. It offers total preparation courses as well as free tests for the occasional visitor. Apart from the tests and preparation programs, it has its own blog and forum where you can openly discuss opinions and suggestions regarding all aspects of the test. If you are interested, visit


This is one of the very basic groups that discuss various aspects of your test preparation. It does not come with a lot of features but it is very useful for those of you who are looking for a direct discussion without getting too much involved into other things. It provides various discussions on individual section strategies, overall preparation, tips and tricks, test rules, time management etc. So if you need a simple discussion platform visit the site

Apart from these, there are many other forums available and you can always join multiple groups to have a better perspective of the test and its preparation. All the best!!