GMAT Flash Cards

What are GMAT Flash Cards and Where to find them?

One of the oldest methods of memory recall has been the use of flashcards. Decks of cards with an idea, problem, formula, image or word on one side with the answer, solution or meaning on the other side, have long been trusted teaching/learning tools for teachers and students as well. Preparation for the test too involves the usage of flashcards for memorizing formula, concepts or trigonometric ratios or for learning word meanings and their usages for the verbal section of the test.

Many students choose to either make their own flashcards as writing the data also is a means of memorizing it better. Some download flashcards are available on websites either free of cost or by paying a certain amount for them. Phone applications and software are also available to create your own set of flashcards for learning on the move. As you read, you will be taken into the world of flashcards and find out about ways you can use them for your GMAT prep.

Create your own Fashcards

Considered by many as the smartest way to memorize, flashcards will surprise you with the amount of knowledge they help you retain. Study material for the verbal section can have idioms, word meanings, subject-verb agreement questions or sentence correction. Similarly for the quantitative section, there are formula, equations, small problems, math rules or arithmetic ratios for you to memorize. If you are the creative kind, then maybe you can have colorful flashcards stuck around your study area to help you memorize better. The refrigerator, your study desk, wallet/purse, mirror, phone or your ipod are the places where these tiny nuggets of knowledge can very easily fit and help you learn better.

The Manhattan cards allow you to either download and print, or study online or simply put the flashcard software in your phone and learn. Reviewers have voted Manhattan flashcards as one of the best to study from. Some websites offer the option to study from ready material either online or, to copy and create similar ones for your own use. For an exhaustive vocabulary practice and a wide-range of topics to choose from you can look at the following,

Download Flashcards

Cards created by users who have either given the GMAT or are experts at teaching for the test are a great way to learn. More so, because it is by somebody else’s experience and they happen to be one of the best in the field. The ‘gmatclub’ and ‘beatthegmat’ forums are two such forums that offer aspirants with a large repository of section wise cards. One can find them for free at and

Some would offer such services to students after they pay them a nominal sum of money. Such pay and download sites may not be the first option with students who would rather use free downloads, but then again, the list of test material is very comprehensive on these sites. One of them which is a pay and download site is

GMAT Flashcard Software and Applications

Not everybody has the luxury or time to sit and devote time to learning every day. Some of us are always on the move and for such aspirants nothing can be better than software or phone applications which allow the creation, usage and updation of resources on their mobile device or laptops. You can either purchase them once or download free trial versions to see if the apps/software fit the bill. The Android market and itunes, both offer students such apps; you can find them at and

Flashcards are fun!

Lastly, flashcards are not only potent but also relevant for GMAT prep, because not everything can be memorised as it is. A small recall strategy or memory method helps facilitate learning, and what better way to make it fun and simple, than using the latest in test prep?