The Scoring System Used In The GRE


The most important criteria for you to get admitted into any desired business school are your scores. You may be a very bright student throughout your graduate years or you may have a good work experience but if you do not have the required score on the GMAT then all that is useless. Therefore, your test preparation must have one sole aim i.e. top scores! This article is aimed at explaining you the test score pattern.

The Scoring System for GMAT

The test has three sections, namely Verbal, Quantitative and Analytical Writing section. The scoring system is the same for the first two sections mentioned above. For the Analytical Writing section it is different. The Verbal and the Quantitative sections of the GMAT are based on questions with multiple choice answers. Both these sections have various subsections in them. Quantitative section contains 37 questions and is scored on a rough scale of 0 to 60. Verbal section comprises 41 questions and the scores range between 0 and 60. These rough scores are transformed into the final score range of 200 to 800. The scoring of these two sections is done electronically. Apart from correctness of your answer, a few more things are taken into account during the scoring process. Every question is given a certain difficulty level. Based on this difficulty level its weight is calculated. Therefore, the lowest scores are not zero but 200. In Analytical Writing section you are required to pen down two essays. Both these essays are scored by a computer as well as a human. Each essay is marked within a range of 0 to 6 on half-point increases. A score of zero is an indication that you did not attempt that essay. If the scores given by the computer and a human differ by more than one point then a third reader is asked to score your essay. His score is considered to be the final score. The scores received on both the essays are averaged on a scale ranging from 0 to 6. Test reviewers are specially trained to do the job of scoring.

How to Receive GMAT Exam Scores?

On scheduling your appointment for the exam you are required to tell the mode by which you would like to receive your scores. You can opt for online score reporting as well as receiving your scores by mail. As per the rules of the organizers you must attempt both the essays and each multiple choice section in order to receive the official score report. For Verbal and Quantitative sections you get to know your scores as soon as the exam is over. But this is an unofficial score. Along with this you are given a number for authorization which you must note down. If you have chosen to receive your official score report on the Internet, then you are sent an e-mail within 20 days of your test. This e-mail contains a link to the web site where your official scores are reported. To access your scores you need to enter the authorization number that you had received at the end of your multiple choice sections. The paper copy of your report is also sent to your address. You should expect it after 20 days of taking your exam.

What is a Good GMAT Exam Score?

There is no fixed score that you can say as a good score. It is a relative term and depends purely on the business school that you wish to join. The scoring system gives a lot of freedom to the business schools to interpret the good scores and thus rate the candidates. You need to study the intake pattern of the business schools of your choice. Generally these schools publish their 80th percentile score. This means that 80 percent of the candidates selected in that school cross that score. However, anything above 650 can be termed as a good exam score. One more thing to notice here is that some schools give importance to your exam scores in the individual sections also.

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