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GMAT Exam Help

For preparing for GMAT, you need some specific GMAT exam help. There are numerous GMAT exam help sources around you, but you might not be aware of them. For instance, there could be numerous coaching classes running in your vicinity without your knowledge. Keep an eye on ads in newspapers to get information about such GMAT exam help sources. The most famous source of GMAT exam help is the Internet. Be careful about accessing good web sites for there is a lot of faulty information available as well. Take GMAT exam help from authentic sources only. Books and newspaper articles can be other sources of GMAT exam help. You can also approach your school teachers, ex-students and students of management colleges for obtaining GMAT exam help.

Preparing for GMAT CAT exam

The GMAT CAT exam is a computerized exam. Questions in this exam are exactly the same as in the paper pen exam. Only the medium of giving the exam has changed i.e. way of presenting questions. In paper pen exam, you used to get the full questionnaire at a time. It used to depend on you which question you want to attempt first. However, in GMAT CAT exam you have to answer the question according to the computer. Computer adaptive system will automatically adjust the level of the questions according to your answers. If you have answered correctly the computer will display comparatively difficult question. If you have attempt wrong answer computer will display easy question. Depending on your answer the computer will gradually take you to a difficult level. This will help you in scoring. You cannot change the answer nor can you skip any question. You cannot go back to your previous answer. So, before selecting be sure about your answer. GMAT exam is computer adaptive test. Therefore, best way to prepare for GMAT exam is through computer. Practice as much as you can on a computer. You have to type two essays in word processor within 30 minutes for an essay. Practice typing will familiarize you with mouse and keyboard. If you are not comfortable in typing, you will not be able to gather thoughts and express them in a systematic manner. The ideal way to practice GMAT exam is through GMAT sample test. Practicing these sample papers will help you in knowing the exact format of the GMAT exam. You will come to know the different types of questions. You can even download the GMAT test preparation software. This software includes two to three full-length practice exam as well as review sections for each type of question asked in the exam.

GMAT Exam Scores

Marking in GMAT is totally dependent upon your answer. Answering difficult question can fetch you higher score as compared to easy questions. Scores are dependent on many factors: number of questions you attempt correctly, types of questions you have answered. The scores for the quantitative and verbal sections will be counted together. In addition, Analytical Writing scores will be added separately. You will come to know your score immediately after the exam excluding AWA scores. An essay score will send to you within two weeks. Moreover, scores will be sent to those colleges which you had chosen before the test. You can even cancel your score after finishing the exam by choosing and clicking the option of canceling the exam or accepting the exam on your computer screen. If you cancel an exam, neither you nor any college will see your score. If you accept an exam, the computer will show your score to you and send accordingly to colleges of your choice. Most of the colleges average your scores. Therefore, you can give the exam as many times as you like. Before you plan a strategy, you should call the colleges to which you are applying to find out the score policy.

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