GMAT i.e. Graduate Management Admission Test is a standardized test that measures mathematical and verbal skills and analytical abilities of a student. It is a test which you need to clear in order to take admission in a management college or university for advanced study in business and management in US. Scores of GMAT make the job of college admission authorities easier in providing admission and students get a fair chance of seeking admission in a college of their choice.

What is GMAT exam?

GMAT exam is an aptitude exam. Like all other entrance exams GMAT has chosen basic mathematics, English, and logical reasoning as a medium to measure the intellectual abilities of a student. You can choose your own date and time for GMAT exam as this is held round the year. GMAT exam is a good opportunity for students as they get a chance to get admission in management colleges based on merit. GMAT exam is an official exercise designed to evaluate knowledge and skills. GMAT exam is a tool which is used to measure the student's abilities. GMAT exam is divided into three sections: Analytical Writing Section, Quantitative Section, and Verbal Section. Each section of GMAT exam covers different aspects of knowledge and skills. The effect of each question in GMAT exam must be assessed before answering.

GMAT exam anxiety

Generally students feel some anxiety before an exam, on the morning of the exam and a little bit during the exam. However, this can sometimes enhance your performance. Sometimes excessive anxiety comes in the way of achieving. It is important to keep your anxiety about exam under control. If you have prepared well for your GMAT exam, you will feel less anxious for the GMAT test. Anxiety for an exam depends on your level of preparation. So, plan your preparation and start study for your GMAT exam.

Select the location

Firstly, decide the GMAT exam center. This means that you should select a place where you want to attempt your GMAT. Every exam center has its own schedule for operating and a number of students can be adjusted in each. You should choose location that is convenient to reach on the exam day. Before selecting and filling your choice of center and the date you should check whether a seat is available on the day on which you want to give GMAT exam. You can register yourself by phone, by mail or by fax. You can apply for GMAT exam at any age. An age limit does not exist and you don't need to specialize in any particular subject for applying. The fee for GMAT exam is a standard $ 250 all over the globe. In case you are to take the exam in countries other than US, you could have to pay some extra taxes.

Topics covered in GMAT exam

GMAT exam starts with Analytical writing section. You have to start this section by writing two essays. For each essays you will be given 30 minutes. Essays will be on analyzing an issue and on analyzing an argument. In analyzing an issue, you have to express your views with a strong reasoning. You have to prove your point with an example from your personal experiences. In analyzing an argument, you have to analyze and comment on the argument. You should not express your personal judgment. You have to frame your thoughts in the form of essay and type it in word processor. This section of GMAT exam is to check how good your hold is over the language. In quantitative section, you will be given multiple-choice questions of two types. Questions will be based on data sufficiency and problem solving. In data sufficiency, you have to select the right statement based on logic and reasoning. It tests your intelligence and ability to make decisions under pressure. The problem solving questions will be related to basic mathematics skills and will cover the basic area of algebra, arithmetic, and geometry. This section of GMAT exam will reflect your capabilities of mental math and adequate knowledge of formulas. You have to finish this section within 75 minutes. Verbal section of GMAT exam contains three types of multiple-choice questions. Questions will be on sentence correction, reading comprehension and critical reasoning. You have to find out the grammatical mistakes, correct answer, and the form of sentence structure. You have to complete this section in 75 minutes.

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