The Best GMAT EBooks for Your Prep

Since GMAT is administered as a computer adaptive test in most testing locations around the world, it is attempted by a large number of students in this format only. Hence, there are many coaching institutes and publishing houses who have also released study materials for preparation which can be used after downloading them. Such study materials are usually referred to as GMAT e-books. For obvious reasons, internet is the biggest source for the availability of the study materials.

What is an ebook?

An e-book is an electronic version of a traditionally printed material used to read from a computer or from e-book readers currently available. You can avail almost all the study materials of various institutes by either buying them online or by getting them for free. There are many websites which provide you with free as well as paid study materials. A GMAT ebook will have the following advantages and features.

  • Using a GMAT e-book, you can easily find the contents of it.
  • A GMAT e-book will help you improve your skills in a more interactive method.
  • A GMAT e-book is comparatively very much cheaper than any other ordinary prep book.
  • It is easy to surf a GMAT e-book compared to other prep books.
  • Many a GMAT e-book are now being released as mobile applications. They can be downloaded in to your mobile and can be used for your GMAT preparation on the go.
  • Moreover, since most of the students take the computer adaptive test, practicing test from a GMAT e-book will help you get acquainted with the actual testing environment.
  • A GMAT e-book even saves your time during your search for any particular topic of your interest.

The Best GMAT EBooks for Your Prep

Some of the best GMAT e-books currently available for your prep have been reviewed below. But, let us now know about the benefits you must draw from a GMAT e-book.

  • Since many of the GMAT aspirants are usually working, you can use the GMAT e-book even while in your office.
  • Generally, the GMAT e-books are usually formulated as modules with small syllabus coverage. You will have just two or three topics of a particular section; say quantitative section will be discussed in a single book. This helps you to learn in depth and gain more knowledge compared to any other ordinary prep book.

The information provided below will help you know about some GMAT e-books available for your preparation.

4GMAT EBooks

4GMAT is a tutorial institute. They also provide many online courses and study materials for students from across the world. They publish GMAT e-books at low costs with strong fundamentals to help you improve your competence in all the sections of the GMAT exam. They publish wide range of GMAT math e-books, each covering two or three specific topics in mathematics. These books are all priced at an average of US $7-8. Preparing from such GMAT ebooks will help you gain more knowledge and increase your speed while attempting the questions.

Nova's GMAT Prep Course EBook

The GMAT prep course e-book published by Nova is a fully comprehensive GMAT e-book covering all the sections of the GMAT. It is made available on the internet and is priced at US $19.95. The publishers claim that this book provides the student with material equivalent of a 2-month course and 50 hour course. It gives a thorough analysis of the GMAT and presents you with many sample solved examples in order to give you a better idea. All the sections are well explained to make your skill develop in all the sections.

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