Downloading Options Available for GMAT

The Ultimate Guide to Downloads for GMAT

What is GMAT?

Your first step for an MBA degree course starts with the GMAT. It is a competitive and a globally accepted standardized exam, seeking to evaluate your skills in several aspects. The scorecard acts as a primary requirement for an admission in an MBA course. This exam consists of three parts, namely the Verbal section, the Quantitative section and the Analytical Writing Assessment section, which imparts a chance to accelerate your skills and efficiency for pursuing a business degree for your career development. Hence, the official page for GMAT contains all information regarding the test structure, the test strategy and all intricate details you would want to know about GMAT. For your preparation, the official webpage has a separate section.

What are GMAT downloads?

In order to make amenities for a better score in the GMAT, its webpage has made available test prep software, sets of practice paper tests and practice tool for analytical assessment writing. Following are the important downloadable materials from the official webpage.

  • Test preparation software:

    Powered by similar format and engineering, the GMAT test software is an excellent freeware that can imitate the exact environment of the test for your practice. It comes free and includes 15 practice tests for each of the sections and proper explanation of answers and two fully equipped computer adaptive practice exam with comprehensive explanation of the answers. This is precise in accounting for the verbal and the quantitative scores. It has an exhaustive math workout and instantaneous scoring system. After your registration, either you can get this software by downloading it from the official GMAT webpage or you can opt for the software mailed to your address within two weeks.

  • GMAT® Paper Tests:

    This is a set of three downloadable tests, available for download at a price of $29.99 each by the GMAC. These paper tests are ‘retired’ and completely fresh samples of the GMAT exam. The GMAT Paper tests comprise of three exams. The GMAT Paper Test I of this includes 14, 31 and 55 ‘retired’ tests. The GMAT Paper Test II of this comprises of 25, 37 and 48 ‘retired’ tests. The third set i.e. GMAT Paper Test III constitutes of 28, 42 and 52 ‘retired’ tests. The questions posed in these sets are not available in any other GMAT test prep materials. It comes with its own sets of computer requirements. These materials also have different download time, depending upon the internet connection you are using. For a 28.8k modem, the download time is 7 minutes while for a DSL modem; the download time is merely 4 seconds.

  • GMAT™ Write:

    This is an internet tool for your essay writing skills. It features a detailed analysis about the quality of your essays and a reliable feedback about your writing style and composition. It comes at a price of $29.99 and has two versions of it. You can develop your language skills, hone up your verbal deficiency and amend your standard written English. This practice tool would guide you through the preparation for the analytical writing assessment section of the GMAT. You will get instant criticisms about your essays and instant results, which portray your possible score in the exam.

How would these downloads help you?

These materials provide you with an extra tool for a proper preparation. It helps you in achieving a better score and lets you have a closer look at the exam. Moreover, with the test prep software, you can have a real life experience of what the pattern is and how can you react to it. Finally, the additional test preparation aids in developing your skills to enable the best performance in the GMAT.