GMAT Dates

Choosing the Correct GMAT Dates.

Many GMAT aspirants do the mistake of not properly scheduling their GMAT dates and land up in scoring low. Scheduling GMAT dates precisely as per your convenience and on some other factors will help you to plan well and score high. Scoring high can only be possible with meticulous planning both for your preparation as well as for other procedures like choosing the testing dates, selecting a centre, scheduling an appointment for taking the test. Hence, the GMAT dates play a vital role in deciding your score too.

What are GMAT Testing Dates

The GMAT dates for testing are those on which you can schedule your appointment for taking the test. You can schedule your appointment for taking the test by finding a centre that is closest to you. The GMAT testing is all maintained and organized by Pearson VUE operating all across the world with more than 500 locations worldwide. You can locate the test centre from the official website of the GMAT and then plan scheduling your appointment. In the entire mentioned test centers above, the GMAT is administered round the year. You can choose to select the date that is convenient for you. But, there are some factors which need to be kept in mind before you schedule your GMAT dates for testing. The link given below will lead you to the page where you can find a test center that is nearest to you.

How to choose a GMAT Test Date

Choosing GMAT dates for your testing must be very much planned. You must do it all right on the day you think of taking the GMAT for pursuing your management studies. If you are working, then you must plan to take time off well before your GMAT dates for testing for preparing for the exam. You must not start your preparation just a month or two before your scheduled GMAT dates for testing because GMAT is a tough exam. You might have studied the concepts way back in your high school. So, brushing all them up and then practicing them to score high takes a good 3-4 month period.

Once you schedule your GMAT dates for testing, you would sometimes neglect or postpone starting your preparation for the exam. In this case, you prepare poorly by taking your nights out and score low. You might feel that you would have another chance to prove yourself but it would not be the case. When you apply for the business schools you are interested in, all your scores for the past five years would be sent to them. This results in showcasing a poor profile if you have low scores. Hence, planning well in ahead of your GMAT dates helps you stay confident and focused upon the exam. You must be dedicated and committed in order to score high.

Choosing Correct GMAT dates

You can choose the correct GMAT dates by making a bit of analysis.

  • Different business schools have different joining dates. So, very firstly, you have to shortlist the schools in which you aim to pursue your course.
  • Then, you must check the joining dates of the schools of your interest. You will have to evidently schedule your GMAT test date so that the scores would be available before the joining dates of the schools you have shortlisted.
  • This way, you can stay focused and plan your preparation well ahead.
  • The GMAT dates are offered to the candidates on a first come, first served basis. So, in order to get your choice of date booked, you must do it well ahead so that it will be available.
  • The links given below help you with scheduling your GMAT dates and also provide you information regarding the GMAT dates for testing.

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