Crash Courses for GMAT

A Few Crash Courses for GMAT

GMAT is an important examination for securing an admission into various MBA programs around the world. It is a computer adaptive test consisting of quantitative, verbal and analytical writing assessment sections. The concepts are only of high school level, but the difficulty level of the questions may vary during the exam. If you are interested to pursue MBA programs in some of the top universities in the world, you should seriously think about the test preparation.

If you find that time is a restriction, a crash course is essential for you and it is available with almost every institute that provides coaching programs. They are generally of a small duration (maybe a few days) and highly intensive. However, because of this reason don’t think that such a course is not good enough. It provides excellent conceptual knowledge and practice; only thing you have to give is your complete concentration.

Given below are some of the best ones available in the industry, but the final decision on which one to join lies with you.

Manhattan Review®:

This is a well known name in the GMAT field. They offer a variety of quick refresher course options in terms of timings, duration and cost. The one offered by them is a 2-day weekend program with unlimited access to their preparation resources. This simply means that you can devote as much time as you want. Apart from this the other short courses are of 6-8 sessions long, where each session lasts for a day.

All these courses come with extensive preparation materials and unlimited tutoring help. They have dedicated math and verbal instructors for the entire course and the materials include full course material from the institute, official guides and a set of mock tests to help you prepare for the real test. Apart from these, there is also an online support blog and forum. Another attractive offer is that you can avail discounts up to $100 by referring a student to the institute. For more details and availability in your area, visit Manhattan’s official website

English Language Centers:

This is a center established in the US, UK and South Africa. It is an excellent option for international students as accommodation is provided for the entire duration of the course. There is a variety of places to choose from and the accommodation is efficiently taken care of by the institute. If you are interested in the crash course option, then it lasts for 4 weeks (there are courses that last 8 weeks and 12 weeks too).

The major advantage of this institute is that apart from preparing you for GMAT, there are lessons on general English every week. These lessons are designed to improve skills like writing, presentations, debates, negotiations etc. This will help you a lot in adapting to the culture and atmosphere of the university once you get an admission. People who are weak at English in general should definitely think about this course seriously. For more details on these courses visit

The Princeton Review:

Although there is no separate crash course available with this institute, they do provide an excellent book called Crash course for GMAT. This book requires less than a week to solve if you put some dedicated time into it. It is specifically designed for people who want to do some last minute preparation. It is organized in 10 simple steps and if you stick to them you can be sure of achieving a decent score in the test. Although it doesn’t make you a genius overnight, it does give you enough tools and strategies for a quick preparation.

This book is a must have for anyone who is preparing for GMAT in a hurry, so even you are attending another course you should get a hold of this book for reference. It is available on bookstore of Princeton Review. It can also be ordered online from any of the sites like or


The important thing you should know about MLIC is that the quality of tutors is the very best in the industry. They offer a variety of courses in their centers all over the world. More details of the course and its availability in your area can be found at The emphasis here is on training in real time rather than excess classroom work. They also come with a guarantee of 80 percentile provided you attend the entire course. There is also an option of Turbo preparation course, which is short duration course and offers all the benefits associated with any long term course.

These are some of the famous institutes that provide such quick courses. Apart from these institutes, there are several other online portals like and that offer these. You should subscribe to more than one of these programs if want to get a good score in a short time. Although each of these programs enables you to take the test with confidence, it always helps to have a second option. So it is advisable to be a part of online blogs and forums in order to have a really good chance of getting a good score.

It is important for you to realize that a crash course should only be taken as last resort due to timing restraints because they cannot replace a full time program and hence you just cannot hope to get enough practice. But they are a very useful tool for last minute preparation. All the best!!