Options Available for Coaching for GMAT

The Most Reputed GMAT Coaching Classes

The world is full of aspirants who really want to crack the GMAT and thus, everybody seeks a good coaching class as the first step towards success in the exam. This article aims at providing details about some of the best coaching classes across the world which promise to hone one’s skill to crack the exam.

The Princeton’s GMAT Coaching: Princeton Review runs offline classes in United States and online courses all over the world. In order to find a coaching center run by the Princeton in one’s area in US, one has to first choose a test prep option between Classroom instructions and Small group instructions. Then, one has to enter zip code of one’s area and thus, find the most convenient training class. (http://www.princetonreview.com/ChooseProducts.aspx?&testtype=TDA&producttype=ILD&productdetail=GMATClassroom). Princeton’s online coaching classes are one of the best test prep options for the students to follow i.e., they can avail private tuitions (test prep plan is customized i.e., framed on the basis of one’s intelligence, budget and schedule), classroom instructions (instructions are delivered at the same time to a mass of students), small group instructions (instructions are given by the best Princeton instructors to a group of 4 students and thus, every student gets individual attention), live online interaction course (students attend online audio and video lectures delivered by the best experts of Princeton Review, take several full-length online tests and simultaneously get feedback by the instructors available online), preparation through Princeton review books ( books created by the Princeton Review for GMAT test are Cracking the GMAT, The 1,012 GMAT Practice Questions, The Verbal Workout for the GMAT , The Math Workout for the GMAT, The Best 300 Business Schools, 2011 edition, etc.)

Kaplan’s GMAT: The Kaplan runs training centers both online and offline. It runs its offline coaching in the form of GMAT Advanced- on site and GMAT Advantage- on site. The former type of coaching is run in many countries viz US, Canada, Brazil, China, France, Germany, etc. One can avail more information regarding its international coaching centers at http://www.kaptest.com/international/international.jhtml?program. GMAT Advanced- on site program aims at providing advanced preparation on GMAT which is especially focused on above average students, while the latter course option (GMAT Advantage- on site) is focused on those students who have insufficient time to devote for preparation. Special crash course is run for students in this plan of preparation for the exam. Besides, online coaching of Kaplan includes GMAT Advanced-Anywhere and GMAT Advantage- Anywhere. Information regarding them can be accessed at the webpage http://www.kaptest.com/GMAT/GMAT-Prep/Classroom-Anywhere/gmat-advanced-anywhere.html.

Manhattan’s GMAT : Manhattan runs offline GMAT coaching centers in United States, France, Canada and England, while online coaching classes are run in India, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and United Arab Emirates. (http://www.manhattangmat.com/gmat-prep-programs). Manhattan’s offline coaching classes include private tuition (prep materials are customized according to each student’s intelligence and schedule, and one gets individual attention by a tutor of one’s choice), self-guided program (one prepares for the test at one’s own pace and schedule), boot camp (crash course by the experts for those students who have insufficient time to devote for the test prep), workshop (workshop related to the basic and advanced training in quant section, verbal and analytical section), free events (free classes are scheduled for a short period of time), corporate classes (these classes are aimed at providing training to employees and employers of companies both via online medium and via offline medium), college programs (free GMAT workshops are run by Manhattan to train undergraduate students at various colleges across many countries) etc. One can avail information in detail by logging into the website http://www.manhattangmat.com.

Jamboree is one of the oldest and the finest coaching centers for GMAT in India and Dubai. Some of the salient features are, its to-the-point syllabus, training for the faculties to learn about the exclusive strategies and techniques to teach students, elite vocabulary teaching methodology, individual attention to students, full length tests which one can take at one’s own pace, facility to avail classroom instructions and tests, guidance to frame and provide the best resume and application to the most sought after business schools, etc. Further details can be obtained from its website http://www.jamboreeindia.com/about.asp


A wide variety of choices of coaching classes are available to one who aspires to crack the exam. Nevertheless, one needs to search a lot of information by browsing an endless list of websites, talking to peers/seniors to select the best one to join. Even after being through in one’s preparation, the question lingers in one’s mind- was the choice perfect or was there still a better choice? The article aims at providing answer to this query and thus, helping GMAT aspirants to choose the best.