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Good GMAT Prep Books for Individual Sections

Kaplan's GMAT Book on Verbal Section

This GMAT book covers comprehensive passage and practice of all the test materials on the verbal section. It is a good GMAT prep book and it also gives test taking and score boosting strategies. This GMAT prep book is in the form of a workbook.

Peterson's Logic and Reading Review for the GMAT

This is one of the good GMAT prep books that helps in improving analytical and logical thinking and reading comprehension through its comprehensive passages. Clear examples and their explanations in this GMAT book enhance the understanding of the skills required for performance in this section.

GMAT Answers to the Real Essay Questions

This GMAT book contains sample answers to essay questions. The book is an exceptionally good GMAT prep book because the author of this book provides the students with tools to help them in being innovative and compose their own high scoring essays. This GMAT prep book also offers the basic structure of the exam. Moreover, it explains how to gather thoughts and present them in a systematic manner.

Writing Skills for the GMAT

This book by Peterson is an essential resource for any one who requires polishing up his skills before the GMAT. This is one of the good GMAT prep books that gives various strategies to hone your skills.

Princeton's Book on Sentence Correction

This essential GMAT book guides you in finding major to minor grammatical mistakes. Moreover, it explains all the points with the help of examples.


Start your GMAT preparation with good GMAT prep books. You have chosen wisely to avoid the expensive courses which are often a waste of time and money. All practice problems test the same patterns as in the actual GMAT. You can only learn and make yourself familiar with the pattern through rigorous practice. As you study for GMAT keep for yourself a target of getting a high score. Studying with friends can help you a lot in making new methods of learning. You may not concentrate at that level when you study alone but you will be likely to study more when you are having fun. Buy good GMAT prep books and set your goal. It may sound too simple and easy but requires lots of hard work with dedication and sincerity.

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