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Graduate Management Admission Test i.e. GMAT is a mandatory exam for admission in management colleges and universities of US. GMAT is a computer-based exam. GMAT score can significantly affect your chances of admission. GMAT is a challenging examination. It tests a student's quantitative abilities, verbal reasoning, and analytical writing skills under timed conditions. Approximately 900 management institutes around the globe give admission on the basis of GMAT scores. GMAT is an important exam for acceptance to an advanced management degree program. Your score will depend on your study for your actual testing day. Firstly, decide the way you want to prepare for GMAT. If you plan to join any coaching institute you should first survey around and join a reputed institute run by well-qualified and experienced professionals. If you are planning to study yourself, you have to buy a GMAT book related to self-study. You can search for GMAT books on the internet and can order a GMAT book online.

You can go for a full course GMAT book or you can even buy an individual section GMAT book. Both are equally good if picked from a good publisher. A good GMAT book will guide you for exactly what you need to study to succeed. After buying a GMAT book, you can customize your preparation. You can plan buying a variety of books with your friends to save your hard-earned money.

Full Course GMAT Books

There are numerous GMAT books available easily in the market and online but only a handful are actually worth purchasing. Before investing in a GMAT book, you should survey around for the best GMAT book. GMAT books that you should consider buying at the beginning of your GMAT studies are:

  • The Official Guide for GMAT Review
  • The Official Guide for Verbal Review
  • The Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review
Every student should buy Official Guide for GMAT preparation, as official guides are the only GMAT books which feature old but real GMAT questions. You should practice all the questions given in the official guide. If you are not able to complete the official guide, you should try and at least do the last few questions from each section. Generally these questions tend to contain the most recent and hardest GMAT test questions. There are many editions of official guide for GMAT review but you should prefer the latest edition. You should read the explanations of all the problems. Reading the solutions will help you in applying the method of elimination. The official guide from GMAC should be your main tool in preparing because questions are from the past tests and are very thoroughly planned. The official guide explains the correct choices as well as the wrong choices. Studying from the official guide will help you to develop the feel of how to spot and eliminate wrong answers. The rules of grammar on which GMAT sentence correction is based are best explained in Official Guide for Verbal Review. Overall, this GMAT book provides you loads of tips and tricks. You can order the book at the official web site for just $20. Even its practice test software is very good for practicing to finish the test quickly.
Other than the official guide, you can refer the Princeton review, Kaplan's book, and Manhattan's book.

Few GMAT Books for your Reference


Princeton's GMAT books are truly exceptional and a must have for self-study. The advantages of referring Princeton's GMAT books are that they have good reviews of questions in each section especially in the Verbal Section and the Quantitative Section. Practice tests given in the book are similar to the GMAT. Princeton's GMAT book provides you with a test strategy on how to crack the questions. This GMAT book is similar to the Official Guide of GMAT. Princeton's GMAT book does not explain the reason behind the answer. This GMAT book does not guide on method of elimination.


Kaplan offers both GMAT books and classes to help you in studying for the GMAT. Kaplan's edition is good in reviewing the quantitative section. Practice tests of Kaplan's are also very good. Level of practice questions in this edition is difficult to create the sense of urgency and helps you in time strategy. There are several tricks that mostly the test takers do not want to reveal but Kaplan shares. The practice tests and answer choices are not well explained. You should not be worried if you are not able to solve the practice questions. Kaplan's GMAT books are designed at a difficult level compared to the actual GMAT test.


The Manhattan's GMAT book is referred as the heart of GMAT curriculum. If you invest in any of Manhattan's GMAT books, you will get six full-length computer adaptive online practice tests and an online question bank. Manhattan GMAT has categorized all the problems by topic and subtopic. The Official Guide, Princeton's, Kaplan's, and Manhattan's GMAT books are designed at difficult levels to help you in refining and practicing the skills learned in each section.

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