GMAT Best Books

5 Top GMAT Prep Books

In the process of your GMAT preparation, you will have to gain knowledge and get yourself exposed to stiff competition which you will evidently face in the actual test. So, your preparation needs to be strong. For this purpose, you must prepare from GMAT best books. There are many GMAT books currently available to make your preparation better. You must prefer the GMAT best books that suit your requirements.

5 Top GMAT Prep Books

There will be many criteria to rate prep books as GMAT best books. It might even depend upon a student’s requirements. Some students are fast learners and some of them learn slowly. As such, some require good test papers rather than methodical explanation of the basic concepts. Hence, it depends upon the individual to rate GMAT best books. But typically, the 5 GMAT best books are The Official Guide for GMAT Review, 12th Edition, GMAT Prep Pack by the official GMAT publishers, Kaplan GMAT Premier Program, Kaplan GRE and GMAT Math Workbooks, The Princeton Review’s Verbal Workout for the GMAT, 2nd Edition.

You must first learn about the mentioned GMAT best books and get to know the quality and quantity of the content. You must also know whether the book you wish to buy satisfies your requirements or not. First, you must take a diagnostic test and understand your strengths and weaknesses and only then will you have a better idea of selecting a book from the GMAT best books.

The Official Guide

The official GMAT guides are undoubtedly the GMAT best books for preparation. They are modeled in order of difficulty to help the students keep their patience intact while preparing. There are also many books from their publishing house for the benefit of the many GMAT aspirants. Section wise books for improving individual competency and separate test papers from actual past GMAT papers to get acquainted with the original testing style of the GMAT are both available. However, the official guide for GMAT review, Verbal review and quantitative review are the GMAT best books preferred by many GMAT aspirants. All the books collectively are available under the name of GMAT Prep Pack.


Kaplan has been one of the best publishers of exam related prep books since decades. Likewise, they also publish some of the GMAT best books. They publish section wise books for the benefit of the aspirants. Kaplan Premier Program, Kaplan Math Workbook and Kaplan Verbal Workbook are some of the highly preferred GMAT best books for GMAT prep. They provide you with many examples and strong test papers using which you can increase your competence both section-wise and in the whole test as well. Kaplan’s books are for sure the kind of books you can rely upon for your GMAT prep.

Manhattan GMAT

Manhattan GMAT also has some GMAT best books in the market. Often referred to as the MGMAT, they are specialized in the verbal section especially. The Manhattan GMAT’s books, which are highly preferred, include Manhattan GMAT Sentence Correction, Manhattan GMAT Critical Reasoning. These are good books which have strategic tips for improving your score in the verbal section of the GMAT. However, their Advanced GMAT Quant by MGMAT is also preferred by many. You can opt to choose these books if you really aim at possessing an extra edge in the verbal section.

The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review has also been one of the best publishers in the exam prep book market. Their book Cracking the GMAT is considered a good book for beginners. Also, Verbal Workout for GMAT by the Princeton Review is one of the GMAT best books for preparation in the verbal section. This book also provides you with sample essays for GMAT essays that could help you score high from the computer essay rating system of the GMAT. The book also provides you with many tips, thus increasing your overall confidence.

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